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Toby's Estate

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Toby’s Estate has been in Singapore since 2011. Located in front of the picturesque Singapore River, we pride ourselves in our classic Australian café menu and our ethically sourced speciality grade coffee from all around the world. We encourage you to try the ... More

8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04
Robertson Quay
+65 6636 7629
Toby's Estate

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  • Robertson Quay

    Robertson Quay


Recent Reviews
We had brunch here on the first Saturday after singapore lifted its dining in restrictions. It wasn't crowded when we came, but it could be due to the morning downpour, and this place doesn't have sheltered hourly parking nearby. The food was good. We had a burger, healthuly bowl, waffle with ice cream and 3 lattes. Bill came up to $82. Not cheap, but a nice splurge after being cooped at home for more than2 months.More
OK was the best I can say about this place. The food was OK, the drinks were OK, the cost was OK and the ambience was OK.More
Served shortly upon arriving at the cafe, and was allocated an indoor seating. However, the seat near the cashier, was packed and humid and was perspiring through brunch. It was packed, but service crew were attentive and came to take our orders when we were ready. Food was served shortly thereafter, and food and coffee was still as good as we remembered. Would love to chill out a little more after brunch, but the seats were too closely packed, and we are bombared eith conversations from all sides, that made the area were stuffy to chill any longer. More
Had decided to visit after a staycay at Msocial as we have heard good reviews of this place. Encountered a staff named Roy (middle-aged Malay man) who stopped us from entering the restaurant as we were holding to takeout coffee as welcome drinks from our hotel. We could understand that outside drinks are not allowed hence agreed to have the outdoor seats. However, we were taken aback by Roy’s I discerning attitude especially in shoving us outdoors. He definitely lacked the graciousness that I thought a normal service staff should display. At the same time, when we were seated outdoors we wanted to leave our stuff on a separate seat that was empty, he too jumped in and stopped us from doing so in accordance to MOH’s guidelines. Not too sure which part of the guidelines prohibits one from using another seat to place an inanimate object in view of social distancing. We left the cafe before ordering any food, as we have lost our appetite immediately with this distasteful encounter. A point to note, while we respect service staff for their efforts and services, we too expect the same level of respect to the customers who are visiting in hope for a good meal and experience. Staff who do not wish to contribute to such experiences should not put themselves in such positions as they may do more harm than help to restaurant owners. Side note: we went to common man coffee roasters after - though we were required to take an outdoor seat, the staff’s attitude and helpfulness in taking our orders while we were there and joking with us for bringing in takeout coffee was impeccable service levels we adore. @toby’sestate - seems like its a long way to go for you.More
Ordered the Egg Benedict with Beef Stew, Beef Burger and Ice Chocolate. The Egg Benedict is over cook, texture like a hard boil egg and the beef stew is overly sweet. The Beef Burger bun texture is so bad that I only ate one mouth and the beef patty is dry. The Ice Chocolate which is suppose to be the easiest to make taste plain. Will never visit again.More