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Tut's Egyptian Eatery

At Tut's Egyptian Eatery, you can experience your first taste of Egypt. Inspired by the rich heritage and unique flavours of the Egyptian cuisine, every dish is so diverse in its flavours that it indulges and pampers your taste buds offering an unforgettable dining experience Read More

LG333A, New Wing, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
One Utama Shopping Centre
+603 7688 4597
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
It is a relatively new restaurant in 1U. Taste delicious with great menus. The roast chicken set is quite nice but the taste of the rice could be quite authentic and may not be an all time favourite for locals. Friendly and helpful staffs. They do have some promotions every now and then which allows you to add-on fries/ some tidbits for RM1.Read more
Dont miss the Dynasty Fries, in case u like fries. The lemon drink & the coconut milk based drinks r awsme. The soup is the lentil soup. Read more
This was my first ever experience in sampling Egyptian cuisine, something which has never been made available in my own hometown. Some of the more unique dishes that you should check out are its soup (called Modala Soup or something like that), chicken/beef meatballs (probably better than those at I***), and its wraps. Prices are mid-range but relatively reasonable. Definitely worth a try.Read more
When it comes to Egypt, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the pyramids, the ancient temples, and the Nile River. With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that these are the first things you think of. The interior is simple and nicely done with Egyptian elements mentioned above. I've been to Tut's Egyptian Eatery at Wangsa Walk several times and never disappointed. I've never had Egyptian food (except kofta and dessert made by Egyptian friends) before but if what I’ve sampled is authentic Egyptian food as it can be, then I'm sold! The menu came with helpful pictures and fancy descriptions, it's a good psychological trick. Luckily, what you see is almost exactly to what been served and tasted. The menu consisted of a handful of solo starters and sides, alongside chicken being in most of their main courses. The combination of ingredients used may look diverse, but the flavours were not unexpected at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the food here, one of the reasons being the taste of most dishes has been tweaked to fit our tastebuds. There're 5 homemade sauces to compliment the sides; Cheesy, Nutty, Smoky BBQ, Tahini Sesame and Chili Sauce. My favourite would be Nutty and Smoky BBQ. It goes well with literally everything! They have tweaked the salty and sweet levels to match local tastebuds, Just recently I had Hawaoshi Baked Lamb Foldover, another ubiquitous Egyptian offering that is akin to a sandwich, but offers far more depth. Beverage-wise, there are yogurt and fruit-based drinks like the Rainbow Zabadi, Egyptian lemon mint, Sobya milk, and Karkade floral drink to choose from. You can also end the meal on a sweet note from the selection of desserts like Om Ali bread pudding, Roz B Laban creamy delight, and Nutty Nile nougat, are some recommended choices. Perhaps one of the most surprising things about Tut’s is the price point, which is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting. There are also plenty of combo options available, so you can mix-and-match and try more things on the menu. I would recommend TUT for an introductory taste of Egyptian Food.Read more
Friendly service and tasty food. We shared the stew and a sandwich type thing (can't remember the name) both were fresh and delicious. Would come again! Read more