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Veggielicious Cafe

Veggielicious Café is a vegetarian restaurant that also offers vegan options. The menu comprises of a variety of North Indian and Western cuisines. Veggielicious Café is suitable for walk-in dining as well as reservations and events Read More

Lot 33, Ground Level, Armenian Street, Georgetown
+6016 443 0065

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Malaysia 2019

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Recent Reviews
We came here 3 times in two days because we loved it so much! The food is delicious, both the Indian options as the vegetarian western options! The staff was very friendly and if we're ever back in George town we'll definitely eat here again! Read more
As a vegetarian I love to find a veggie cafe when on holiday. Really tasty food, great selection and super good prices. Lovely staff too. We came back as were that happy.Read more
I was so impressed to find that on the menu you could ask for vegan birani. I love birani but it usually comes with yogurt so I am often paying for it but don't eat it! In this case they gave me a spicy vegan sauce that was super good! I wish I would have found this place before my last night I would have eaten here every meal! 💚Read more
We had heard a lot about this place regarding its vegetarian food. When went there, the story was a bit different. They don't have a selection of north Indian curries firstly, may be because they are only a cafe and not a proper restaurant. They serve selected north Indian items only. Secondly their set meal (thali) is the worst I have eaten. When they say north Indian food, they should know how it is cooked. A desi thali comprises of a single chapati (which is not properly cooked and not freshly prepared), plus cottage cheese immersed in a sweet sauce (which was uneatable), a half cooked okra curry and daal-rice. In the name of Salad, there is nothing except little finely chopped onion. It is the worst thali in town it seems. They make vada paav which is perhaps the only item which they know how to cook properly. For other things, their quantities are so less that it is hard to manage. They won't give sauce unless u ask for it. The curd or the raita supplied in also less according to the needs of a regular meal. If you order pani puri (water balls), they give just a little water (one small bowl). Their cauliflower parathas don't have enough stuffing. You can't make it whether it is a cauliflower paratha or just a normal one. Prices are not justifiable compared to what they are supplying. If go again, will just eat vada paav only. Rest of the menu just disappoints. We are pure north Indians and know the real taste of north India which is totally absent here. Definitely won't recommend for North Indian food.Read more
We were so pleasantly surprised by this place. It is most definitely NOT permanently closed. We just had some excellent vegan Indian food here, namely the Cholle Bhathura & Briyani. Totally worth checking out!Read more