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Wendy's Dubai

Wendy's is an American International fast-food restaurant currently ranking as third largest hamburger quick-service restaurant in the world. In 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s based on his dedication to providing customers high-quality fresh food made to order, allowing Read More

Meadows, ENOC 1086
Emirates Hills
+971 4 276 5573
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
I ordered a meal through TalabatGo and was tracking my order through the website for an hour. The map displayed that the delivery boy is in the area but suddenly it changed route and was heading back to their restaurant. The delivery boy could have called if he did not locate the address I indicated with my order. Worst, the delivery boy can always verify the address through Google Maps. 1-hour gone to waste, I will never try Wendy's delivery ever again.Read more
The food i ordered was a simple Daves with cheese lettuce tomato and onion which they completely messed up.I called customer service to correct my order and they said in 5 min they would get back to me and they never did. I called and enquired after half an hour on which they said they would send me the right one as they finished the investigation and Muddasar the manager is doing the needful.I waited another one hour as the food takes sometime and this time i was told by Farooq there is no driver to deliver so i send mine, to my shock i was called after 15 min to say that i had to have the food they delivered before and they would sort out the issue in the morning as the manager Mudassar left and i had no other option..Seriously ......Pathetic Read more
Ordered a bowl of chili, spicy chicken sandwich and French fires. the food arrived warm, not hot. The chili was ok, the chicken fillet was soggy and the fries were not very good. Maybe the food is better in the restaurant. None of it was up to America Wendy's standards. Good luck!!!Read more
There isn't a Wendy's restaurant in Kuwait so it only made sense to visit one in Dubai. How I missed the chili and frosty! I introduced my Kuwaiti friend to Wendy's and he loved it. I wish they would bring it to Kuwait!Read more
Received a request to review. Well, what can I say....if u r hungry and there is a Wendy's in front of you, then it makes sense to head that way. You ain't gonna get any big surprises because it is regular fast food. And that's what you got to expect. Convenient, inexpensive, reliable food with a twist on square design. Good as any other fast food burger joint. What else can I say.....Read more