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Zahr El-Laymoun

Zahr El-Laymoun, meaning “orange blossom”, is an ode to nature and health. We know that well-cooked food enriches our bodies and souls that is why our recipes have earth and tradition at their roots. Our ingredients are freshly handpicked, deliciously grilled, seasoned with natural herbs, ... More

Ground Level
Downtown Dubai
+971 4 448 6060
Zahr El-Laymoun

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  • Souk Al Bahar

    Downtown Dubai


Recent Reviews
i ordered Tawook with thyme. it's something to be tasted. the amount a little high in comparison with two skewers by 58 dirhamMore
The view is amazing ,the staff are nice The Food is terrible ,no Flavors at all . The Chef should test the Lebanese food . I ordered Mix Grilled plater and Fish skewers with Taboula . If you never tested grilled potatoes without salt You can taste it with the Fish skewers in Zahr El Laymoun Fortunately I had entertainer , and I used it to pay my Bill. Overall ,I will never visit it again. More
We showed up at 5pm Almost two tables were occupied but it start to be crowded later on It was windy so we stayed inside They have indoor and outdoor We ordered the combo mix grill for AED 132 coming 6 skewers, 2 tikka 2 beef kofta and 2 shish tawook. Nothing on the side!! Bread and olive. The food tasted ok. No single person approached to ask us how is food!!!! I like the elevator taking u up to the upper floor. View is nice. I don’t think we will be back to same restaurant but we inshallah will go to try other restaurants.More
I usually identify Lebanese food with flavourful shawarmas and grilled chicken dishes with pickles and assortment of hummus in roadside eateries and stalls, so when I got a chance to try this artistically designed Lebanese outlet, located right next to the Dubai Fountain across Dubai Mall, I was a touch sceptical. The following hour and a half was an experience to cherish- with an amazing array of food and drinks, and a very professional crew expertly guiding and serving the guests. The relaxed setting, comfortable seating and the pleasant demeanour of the staff puts you at ease, and sets you up for slightly different and unique experience of what one terms as Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine- we started with Juices, except they weren’t the kind you normally identify as the plain extract from a fruit- so my Pomegranate juice had a touch of ginger, with plenty of mint leaves thrown in, and tasted quite yummy. My guest ordered Rose- which also had an assortment of dry fruits (fig, cashews, raisins) in it, and with its subtle sweet taste perfectly complemented the slightly pungent pomegranate drink. Not to be outdone, we also ordered the Jellab (twice)- which I think is made of extracts from carobs, dates, molasses, grapes, and the likes, and is quite refreshing. For starters, we were suggested the spicy cauliflower hummus with bread, and I am glad we followed the advice because it up scales the taste of the hummus by a few notches. Grilled chicken and fish were our mains, and I must say quite fresh and tasty. The only disappointment for me was the chicken shawarma that I thought was a touch too dry, and I missed the pickles radishes that I thought are a must for the shawarma. Overall, a fabulous experience, and a great place to have dinner in, you can follow that up with walk around the Fountain. The prices are on the higher side, but I guess the proximity to a wonderful tourist attraction, and a good experience gastronomic experience comes at a price!!More
This is my worse experience I had, the AC was not working, the food was bad, the price was too high.. The bad news that when I show them the Entertainer membership they were very confused, and then when I back home, I discovered that they add a meal to my invoice which I did not asked!!! Then that meal was dedicated as an Entertainer promo!!!! I will keep the invoice for any investigation needs.. They should stop this behavior by low.. But I don't like to involve in this..More