du ENTERTAINER is an App that offers unbeatable value with Buy One Get One Free incentives at the best restaurants, spas, hotels, fitness & entertainment outlets and more across the UAE (with Roaming Packs available in the GCC).

Where can I download the du ENTERTAINER App?

You can download the App directly from the Apple store for IOS devices or from the Google Play store for Android devices.

How do I access du ENTERTAINER?

Once you have been sent a link via SMS from du directly, simply click on the link and sign in. If you do not already have the App installed, you will be prompted to download it.

How long are du ENTERTAINER offers valid for?

Du ENTERTAINER offers are valid until June 30th, 2019.

Am I eligible for this offer?

You are eligible so long as you’ve been with du for at least six months with a spend a minimum of AED 100 per month.

What types of offers will I get with the du Entertainer app?

The du Entertainer offers come in four tiers, and eligibility is based on your monthly spend as listed in the table below: Number of Vouchers

What happens if I leave du?

Only active customers are eligible for this offer. If you leave us, your subscription will be cancelled.

What happens if my monthly spend increases?

If your monthly spend increases, you’ll be eligible for a higher tier. For example, if your monthly spend is AED 300 (i.e. Silver), and the following month your spending goes up to AED 500, you’ll be moved up to the corresponding tier (i.e. Gold). You will receive an SMS with the updated app for the new tier.

What happens if I have the old du Entertainer app?

You’ll automatically be upgraded to the new du Entertainer App. You’ll receive an in-app notification with a link and instructions to download the new app.

What happens if I have a du Home and mobile line?

Your du Entertainer tier will be decided based on the account/line with the higher monthly spend.

What are the restrictions on the offers?

Our offers have very few restrictions on the days or times they can be used. They are valid throughout the year, excluding some key public holidays and exclusions. Please see the Rules of Use for more information on which days your offers will not be valid.

What happens if merchants close during the validity period?

Please read the Rules of Use for additional information on the acceptance and validity of offers in our products.

How many offers are there for each participating merchant?

There are 3 offers for each participating merchant, which can either all be the same offer, or three distinct offers. For example, Wild Wadi is offering 3 x Buy One Get One Free offers for admission; that’s 3 admissions for free when using all 3 offers, whereas Tailor & Tweak is offering 3 x 50% off vouchers.

How many offers can I use at one time?

A maximum of 4 offers can be used at one time, regardless of which product the offers appear in. You can use 1 offer per 2 people and a maximum of 4 offers per 8 guests. For example, a group of four at a restaurant can redeem with 2 x Main Course offers or 1 x Main Course offer and 1 x Beverage (Cheers) offer, per bill. Offers within the Beauty & Fitness category can be redeemed by the same person.

Which languages can I use my du ENTERTAINER App in?

du ENTERTAINER App is available in both English and Arabic.

How do I log someone out of my account?

We advise our customers to only share their account with trusted family members. However, should you need to log someone out of your account, you can log into our website and select “Change Password” form your dashboard

I forgot my password. How can I sign in to the du ENTERTAINER App?

If you forget the password for your du ENTERTAINER account then simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the website or App. You will receive an e-mail from us with detailed instructions on resetting your password.

Do I need an internet connection to redeem du ENTERTAINER mobile offers?

To redeem offers from the App you will need either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This is so your account can be updated and your redemptions removed from the available offers in real time.

How do I redeem a du ENTERTAINER offer from the du ENTERTAINER App?

When you request your bill,
• Notify the person attending to you that you want to redeem a du ENTERTAINER offer
• Tap on the offer you want to redeem
• Ask the merchant to enter their PIN

You’ll then get a success screen showing your estimated savings amount, which you can share to Facebook or Twitter for bragging rights and kudos.

If I go to a participating outlet and hit redeem on an offer on my du ENTERTAINER App, but find that they do not accept the offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?

Yes, you can cancel the redemption at any point until the teller successfully enters their merchant PIN. However, please note that a completed redemption cannot be reversed. We are unable to reinstate mobile offers within the du ENTERTAINER App.

How do I retrieve the redemption code for a redeemed offer?

If you need to retrieve the redemption code to give to the merchant, please follow the below steps:
• Select a category such as Food & Drink
• Select the profile symbol at the bottom of the screen
• Select “Account”
• Select “Redemption History” from the menu list
• Click on the offer you wish to take the number from

I have redeemed an offer at one location but the offer is showing as redeemed at all locations on my App.

For each merchant you get 3 offers in total. When you redeem an offer, it will show as redeemed at all locations for that merchant. Once you have redeemed all 3 offers for a merchant, all locations will be locked.

Do I have access to the Rules of Use via my App?

Yes, validity and Rules of Use are contained within the Offer Screen as well as within the Account section.

How does the App work when using offers from the du ENTERTAINER Beauty & Fitness section, for example, when I go to a spa alone and want to use my offer for the next visit?

The spa will accept your redemption in the normal way and then provide you with a certificate which you will need to present the next time you visit the outlet. The certificate will contain the exact details of the complimentary treatment or service. You may use the certificate for:
• Another complimentary treatment for yourself during your current visit or to extend your treatment.
• A complimentary treatment for your family member or friend to use during your current visit.
• A complimentary treatment or service at a later date but before the expiration date of your product.
*These offers fall into the following categories: Spas, Medical & Wellness, Dental Clinics, Beauty, Hair & Nails, Gents Grooming, Health & Fitness.

Purchasing Products

What are du ENTERTAINER monthly packs?

The monthly packs allow you to enjoy offers for a total of 30 days from activation. And the best part is, every monthly pack is location based, meaning you can make the most of your offers wherever you are. There are five available packs:
• Attractions • Cheap Eats • Family Pack • Health & Beauty • Luxury Dining

Can I purchase more than one monthly pack?

Yes, multiple purchases are available for every member.

What are du ENTERTAINER travel packs?

The travel packs not only help you to enjoy your travels even more, but they also help you to save money while doing it. Whether you are in Bahrain, Eastern Province, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait or Oman, you can now purchase a travel pack for the destination that you are in.

How long do I have access to my offers with my travel pack?

Members have access to their offers for 14 days after activating their travel pack.

Can I upgrade my du ENTERTAINER offers to the full ENTERTAINER package?

Yes, if you would like to have access to the full ENTERTAINER products, you can upgrade your pack – once you have upgraded your package, you will have until the end of the year to redeem your offers.

Am I able to purchase more than one full ENTERTAINER product?

Yes, members can upgrade their packages by purchasing multiple full ENTERTAINER products.


How can I contact you for support/questions for your products?

We have many contact points for our customers to reach us and are always happy to help you out.
Email us:[email protected]
We also have live chat available on our website and via the help section within your App for instant issue resolution and assistance outside office hours.