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Banana Tree

Banana Tree is the home of fantastic food, drinks and fun from the Indochina region. It's an award-winning restaurant, serving great Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. Enjoy your favourite Pan-Asian dishes with inspiring Oriental cocktails in a relaxed and buzzing atmosphere Read More

412-416 St. John Street, EC1V 4NJ
+44 20 7278 7565

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Recent Reviews
Never heard anything inspiring about this place, but my chosen eatery were giving me a 10 minute wall of silence so I left and ended up here due to starvation and it was on my way home. Decor is haphazard though not offensive, and menu looked OK from the outside. I decided to order veg dumplings to start. I was hoping for gyoza style ones with colour from the pan on one side, accompanied by a tangy dip. What I received was soggy, soft and revolting pillows of mush swimming in a cloying unidentifiable brown sauce. It was bland and inedible and presented like a dogs dinner, sloped in a small bowl. I would have sent it back but my dining companion claimed they were 'ok' and reluctantly ate them. We followed this sad spectacle with a fish meal. It was about £12 so I was surprised it did not come with rice or veg. It was 3 tiny very thin pieces of greasy deep fried flavourless white fish, covered in more of the vile slop served on the dumplings. I managed a few bites but was disappointed to say the least. Foolishly ordered an 'asian' salad half way through in the hope it would redeem things. Safe to say it did not. It was rotten bedraggled bagged salad leaves and little else. Not Asian in any shape or form. The leaves were soggy and brown abd when I told the waitress she tried to say it was meant to look like that! This was around 6 quid... The worst and most overpriced salad I have ever seen. So... As you can imagine I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. You would be much better off going to the vietnamese place on chapel Market or the Thai on Theberton Street if you are in the area. In fact Itsu or Abokado are infinitely better as lunch options and they are not all that great.Read more
We ordered a huge variety of dishes, and every single one was delicious. We enjoyed our meal here. We did feel it was understaffed.Read more
Been there for a meeting. Food was not the purpose at all. Turned out we are in the best asian restaurant in town. Laksa soup is amazing and the Vegan satay is fabulous. Service was over the expectation. Really enjoyed the whole afternoon. Thank youRead more
I chose one of the signature dishes, the Legendary Beef Rendang. The portion was small, the beef was dry to the point that it was hard to swallow. There was by far not enough sauce to go with the rice and beef. I had come in from the cold in a good mood to treat myself before meeting friends, which I was looking forward to, and was so disappointed that I actually felt quite terrible by the time I left the restaurant with my mood lowered. The staff was friendly but did not even ask once if the food was alright. To pay £15 for an alleged signature dish that consists of massive beef chunks in a scarce curry sauce with a handful of sticky rice felt like a total rip-off. Never again.Read more
Dissapoiting food and overpriced even for London (£17 for a small bowl of curry) beware for free from menu - no prices provided. Great presentation I have to admitRead more