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Barossa is famed for its beef, burgers and beer! It's unpretentious, laid-back and rustic ambience makes it the perfect place to chill out after a hard day’s work and tuck into hearty Australian fare created only with the freshest ingredients and premium grades of Australian beef. Enjoy a meal Read More

8 Raffles Avenue, 01-11
Marina Bay
Esplanade Mall
+65 6534 5188
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Very good food with a nice view. Steak was prepared as we've asked for. Pasta was delicious, little bit scipy with garlic, just what you can expect from a good pasta dish. Price is average, don't forget, you are in Singapore in the middle of the city.Read more
The food was pretty good and the ambience was great too. Not too crowded and the service ok. Would visit again. Read more
Horrible. The website was not updated. We came expecting a 50% off on brunch but were told the promotion was one year ago but still on the website. Food came separately, spaced close to 30mins apart between the first and last dish. The last dish came when most diners had already completed theirs. The food was a disaster. Moroccan beef no choice of bread offered even though it was stated in menu. Chicken burger was very salty. Pizza crust unbelievably hard. Pulled pork egg Benedict supposed to be served with rosti potato but came in mashed potatoes instead. The drinks are over the top exorbitant. Eggs supposed to be scrambled but came poached. Don’t come unless you like surprises in your food. Read more
Our experience here at the Esplanade was none other than - hideous. Quality of food and services was really average. For that price we could get way better elsewhere or simply go local to enjoy a quick meal. It started with a simple lemonade and it arrived as sprite/7-up. I looked at the drink without touching and commented that it was not what I ordered. So the waiter brought it back and came back saying it was. So I took a sip and clearly it wasn't. I took it back myself and the lady at the bar counter said its lemonade. In her exact words "in some countries lemonade and sprite are the same". In a calm and firm manner, I refuse to accept the drink and had it returned. Because its supposed to be Australian cuisine, my expectation of the pasta dish that I ordered was low. My husband and kid on the other hand had a higher expectation on their burger and fish n' chips order. Very unfortunately, the burgers' bun was cold and our kids' fish n chips note 'kids'.....came with a chilli dipping sauce and pepper battered fish. So we were in a hurry to catch a show and hurried ourselves to salvage whatever we can to move on. At the counter, my husband complained to the waiter/cashier and instead of apologising, his face turned so black and sour. Ok so whatever.....we were in a hurry. Now in our bill, we were being charged for the fake lemonade drink. Again, we're in a hurry, got it taken out - with a sour face...... On a typical day we would not put up with such low quality and services without speaking to the chef or manager. I don't even think they have one as it seems to be running on its own by a bunch of ignorance. I could go on and on but wouldn't even want to waste any time with them, about them. So eat there at your own risk.Read more
We had dinner there as this is one of the few options at Esplanade. The food was poor (the pizza was probably the worst I have ever had). It might be a bar but you just can't call this a restaurant.Read more