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Cho Gao

Cho Gao which means “rice market” in Vietnamese, combines the creativity, energy and senses of ancient Asian culture. Guests can experience an adventurous culinary journey through Asia with a menu that takes its inspiration from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Japan. From its dark wood d ... More

Cho Gao

Redeemable at:

  • Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi


Recent Reviews
Very nice different courses to those between. The staff was friendly and helpful with all the service. I will for sure come back next time I’m going to the city.More
Absolutely love this place. Very highly recommended (the one in the hotel). Food was AMAZING!! It was very quiet when l visited but overall, I loved it. My family and friends did too. Honestly- no complaints. 5/5, highly recommend and would def visit again!More
Outstanding Food and Service This place is been famous and visited many times. Food quality and serivce are the same like very first time. Only they stopped being served Alcoholic and sad to see restaurant is quiet unlike before. Anyhow all the best Thin and the team, you guys are amazing as usual. See you soon again......More
Ordered a beef Bihon for AED 80 plus. The food is so dry and it doesn’t taste good at all. There were so less beef. Very low quality food for such high price. At this quality , it should be sold at AED 20. I don’t recommend this place to anyone. Thought it’s going to be very good. Total ban. Never going to order from this place ever again. Total waste of money!More
As a regular customer of Cho Gao for 12 years, I was shocked and saddened to find out that it no longer serves alcohol of any type. As a result of a decision by the hotel's owner to make Crowne Plaza a dry hotel, all outlets no longer serve any type of alcoholic drinks. Cho Gao was formally a popular place for after dinner drinks and more. It was a restaurant to enjoy excellent south east asian food with great wines and more. I imagine the restaurant will lose at least 80% of its customers and I feel sad for the wonderful Miss Thin and her team, who had worked so hard to build a loyal customer base. Never again.....More