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La Risata

  • Italian

La Risata, meaning "the laughter", are two jovial little trattorias tucked away in the suburban areas of Ampang and Damansara. The unassuming décor and informal dining have won over diners from all around the neighbourhood for over 14 years. They are well known for their variety of Italian dishes, ... More

128 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara
+603 2095 9572
La Risata

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Recent Reviews
I hope this reaches the management and owners of La Risata. I have been a loyal customer to the Ampang branch for over a decade. I have spent thousands of ringgit supporting this restaurant. Today I was excited to know that La Risata can deliver to my house via Grab. But, turned out to be a nightmare. So I made an order at 11am for 3 pizzas. At 11.45 I received a lasagna and carbonara. So I looked for a phone number to call for grab. But to my dismay, their procedure was to email them a complaint. Which takes 24 hours for a reply. So I call La Risata, they just told me it was a mistake from grab and I should call them instead. I mentioned that I can’t call them because Grab doesn’t have a phone number I can call about this. They said they will try for me. So I waited, but no response. So I call again. This time i was passed around to 3 different people and I had to explain again to all 3 my situation. In between the exchange I can hear them talking to each other about what to do, it sounded like I heard someone say it’s grabs problem. Long story short, I am the customer and I am not the one to be punished, pushed around and be caught up with the Grab vs La Risata battle. So I asked if I am going to get my pizza and that they are making a new one. They said no, and that you are going to send a pizza that has been bouncing back and fourth for what is coming up to 2 hours. La Risata, I am not happy with your customer service. I expect the grab quality pizza I paid for with my hard earned money. What are you in the business for if not to take care of your customers. What ever issue you have with your delivery partner in the future should be dealt between yourselves and not the customers expense. Send your customers their food with quality in mind. Just FYI, still no news that I will be eating lunch today. More
Hugely disappointing food and unbelievably rude and incapable manager, who definitely does not know the meaning of the customer is always right. On Thursday the 12th March we ordered takeaway from La Risata, a restaurant we used to enjoy and considered a treat. Grab delivered the food and have been extremely professional. The pasta and soup arrived hot, but definitely lack lustre and not as expected. But the worst was the pizza which was wrong, burnt and completely stone cold, literally as if it had been made the day before. We called the restaurant to request a replacement and encountered the rudest women manager I think I have ever come across, she actually swore at my daughter and hung up the phone when she requested her name in order to make a formal complaint!! My daughter actually then went down to the restaurant, only to be told the manager had gone home!!! If you're looking for value for money and good service, do NOT go to La Risata.More
Decent food for the neighbourhood. I thought the pasta has always been okay, not top notched but good enough for dinner. Not aldente but not overcooked. More like student style pasta with a price tag. Salmon was overcooked but edible. Service was alright for the night. Just another dinner place, nothing romantic nor special food. A place to dine and get on with life. More
good food, food remains pretty consistent since i started going there more than 10 years back. great pasta and pizza. More
Sadly this restaurant is going down. Been few times, but this is the last time. Waited over 45 minutes for our meal to arrive, not at the same time. In an almost empty restaurant. Bad service. When the meal arrived: the pizza was badly cooked, tasted off, one of the worst pizza i've had. The fish pasta in the foil, was just bad. When we told the waitress the food was bad, no reply. Badly managed, will not return after this awful experience.More