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Lobby Lounge – Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Lobby Lounge is an elegant and comfortable venue with natural sunlight in the day and ambient lighting in the evening, perfect for diners to enjoy a leisurely high tea or after-dinner drinks. Lobby Lounge offers a wide selection of drinks from quality coffee and tea to wines and cocktails, Read More

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Orchard Road
+65 6831 4605
[email protected]

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Singapore 2020

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Traditional English High Tea (3offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 81
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
mogan, david, josephine, kent and myra offered great service attitude to us. There is a wide variety of popular food selection, and offers the freshest seafood. Would like to have 30 more visits in the future!!Read more
Love the ambience of the cafe and there's a wide variety of food choices. Mogan and David are friendly and prompt in serving customer. Thank You~~Read more
We are supposedly to be having our family reunion dinner on 11 Jan 2020 but the restaurant was treated to additonal "entertainment" from a company Dinner and Dance from the ball room above. We can clearly hear the Lion Dance drumming away and the MC announcing the company's event, awards and speech by their management team; as if we are part of the D&D dinner. To make matters worse, we have young and old person in our group (while it is a reunion dinner after all). The young (age 5 and below) is complaining about the loud noise, the elders (age 70 and above) went in to the toilet to avoid the noise out of courtesy. Never had we need to abandon a reunion dinner in our life and all that cause by such a reputable hotel. Normally in a ballroom, such noise will not transmit to the outside even with Lion Dance or MC hosting the events, but in this case, surprisingly, the noise travelled all the way to the restaurant. After enquiring with the staff, we were inform that the event was held to include the walkway as requested by the company hosting the D&D as the space of the ballroom may not be big enough. From the restaurant floor, we can see curtains covering the corridor of level we are not sure whether what we were inform is correct. But, the loud noise is undeniable. Such a big disappointment. Every one in our family was disappointed as it was a annual event..supposedly to end in a happy mood...but it turns out otherwise. Hope that the management can be considerate of the diners as they too were guest of the hotel.Read more
Service was prompt, all staff friendly. Food wasn’t over-the-top delicious, but there was a good selection, including seafood.Read more
We had our Christmas lunch at the Marriott in Singapore... the variety and choice of food was excellent.. from seafood to traditional fare with delicious desserts .. only criticism I could have was the two hour window was a bit rushed as being a festive meal we would have liked to linger on...Read more