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Maison Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser is a baker artisan who decided to make a career in leavened bread while modifying it to the expectations and tastes of today. The secret of Kayser bread is the long fermentation and short kneading process which preserves the flavours and moisture. Maison Eric Kayser now has 221 bakeries ... More

70 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai
+852 2177 6779
Maison Eric Kayser

Redeemable at:

  • Pacific Place 3

    Wan Chai


Recent Reviews
…on a busy corner of QRE. Unlike their frankly dingy and dirty Happy Valley branch, this place feels like a suitably posh spot in which to enjoy their exceptional pastries and cakes. I had a pain au raisin (or a raisin danish as I think it was called here) and an iced chocolate, really enjoying them both. My partner felt the same about her croissant and hot chocolate.More
The right concept in the right place and this Cafe has some good things going for it. But staff are not trained and not so warm. Also whilst they offer breakfasts, the staff are not organized. Breakfast could be so much more highlighted. But there are no bargains here. HKD 35 for a coffee and croissant but if you want a cappuccino, you need to pay 10 HKD more in the same set. 65HKD for scrambled eggs and if you add a orange juice, they don't consider this a set and it is HKD 30 more instead of the set price of HKD 20. So there are some ridiculous ideas of pricing. More
There are several branches of this French styled gourmet bakery, throughout Hong Kong but this one in the main area of Wan Chai is larger than most. It has a good-sized dining/cafe area which makes it a decent place to sit for a coffee and a snack or even a light lunch. The only thing that is a little off-putting is the plastic cutlery. The lunch options are mostly traditional French items, like quiche, baguettes and savoury croissants. I recently had the croques monsieur, a delicious ham, emmental cheese and béchamel sauce sandwich, grilled to a light golden brown. It was very tasty and filling and I’d certainly have this again.More
This is an attractive French styled gourmet bakery, specialising in freshly baked breads, cakes and pastries. I have gone there twice recently to pick up a small gift to take with me when dropping over to a friend’s house. I have bought both madeleines and financiers and they come nicely packaged in cellophane. A small bag of mixed vanilla, green tea and cocoa mini financiers is $48. The cakes and individual tarts look very tempting although I haven't yet tried any of these. Tarts were in a range of flavours - passionfruit and raspberry, pear and almond, pistachio and raspberry. I noticed that their rolls and sandwiches on the far wall, looked appetising also and I’d will probably try them another time. You can also sit and have a coffee and light meal or cake. GETTING THERE: There are several outlets, including TST, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai). I went to the one on Caine Rd, just near the Mid-Levels outdoor escalator. Coming from Central as you exit the escalator, walk to your left down to the pedestrian crossing and you’ll spot the distinctive black shop front across the road.More
When travelling I'd like to taste local cuisine at lunch & dinner, but prefer European flavours in the morning. Therefore I enjoyed a nice omelette + good, strong coffee at this place. Not a unique place, but I loved it.More