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Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch partners with the world’s leading skincare brands incorporating innovative techniques to create unique spa experiences for clients within a peaceful ambience and with warm customer service. In addition to offering a range of signature treatments like Sense of Touch laboratories ... More

Ground Level, 77 Man Nin Street
Sai Kung
+852 2791 2278
Sense of Touch

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  • Sai Kung

    Sai Kung


Recent Reviews
This is not the first bad experience I have had with this spa. Previous experiences include really poor eyebrow shaping, uneven waxing and a facial where the therapist talked too much and then left the room for 20 minutes (I really think if you are paying good money for a facial whilst the mask is on you should be treated to some kind of massage). Recently I booked a facial as I didn't have time to travel to HK Island and I wanted to give the place another go as it is a convenient location, they do have nice products for sale and the decorations are lovely too. However, I have never seen so much disorganisation in the scheduling of the appointment - 3 phone calls later when I am at work in meetings and each time a different woman would call and not realise another woman had already called and I would have to run through details of the booking again. I had also booked a gift voucher for a friend in town on the same day and when I emailed the receipt through I got a call back asking what was booked when on the drop down menu I had clearly chosen the facial name - the price - and then emailed to them as requested to secure the booking. Whoever owns this place needs to get in there and sort out their team. The women running it seem really disconnected and to be brutally honest, quite dopey too. This isn't a cheap China service, you are paying good money to go here... Not cool.More