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مطعم سوشي مينتو

  • ياباني

منذ عام 2008 ... المزيد من منتجات

مجمع المثنى، إشارة رمادا، طريق سلوى
+974 4467 5577
مطعم سوشي مينتو

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قطر 2021

أطلقوا العنان لترفيهكم مع الكثير من عروض اشترِ واحد واحصل على الثاني مجاناً والخصومات بكافة أرجاء المدينة وعلى ماركاتكم المفضلة. هناك الكثير من الطرق للتوفير. إنطلقوا للعروض!

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طبق من قائمة الطعام الرئيسية (3 العرض )

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  • Valid until 1st Jan 2022
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العروض المتاحة...

Restaurants and Bars

طبق من قائمة الطعام الرئيسية (3العرض )

  • Estimated savings AED 41

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Recent Reviews
its clean and nice restaurant ,the staff is very welcoming and friendly and the food is very delicious .i highly recommend this restaurant المزيد من منتجات
Great service and absolutely enjoyed the food. The sushi was delisulious and in abundance. Everyone really enjoyed it and sure we will be back again. Highly recommend it for the sushi lovers. المزيد من منتجات
This place offers authentic japanese food but their Japanese chapchae stir fry noodles captured my taste buds. This restaurant is situated along the busy road across Jarir Bookstore. Parking is an issue during the night due to tight roads and parking spacesالمزيد من منتجات
I was pleasantly surprised with the weekend buffet after seeing the reviews on google. Some said “best sushi” some said “worst sushi”. We went on a Friday afternoon and when we arrived it was quite busy. The hostess asked if we had a reso which we hadn’t but was able to find a table for 6. If you have a larger party I would suggest a reservation. I was pleasantly surprised with the buffet. The sushi rolls were tasty and there was salmon nigiri and sashimi which was good and fresh. As for the hot dishes, there were lots of choices and the ones we tried were a hit with the whole table. The creme brûlée was surprisingly delicious and the matcha ice cream was a nice touch. We used the entertainer app which was a great deal and will definitely be back. Our 3 year old was free. Overall, tasty food with a good variety. المزيد من منتجات
Its my first time to eat in this restaurant. Its really crowded and almost all tables at the G/F were occupied. I and my friends tried their buffet and did not disappoint us. We all enjoyed their menu from soup to dessert. The serving of assorted sushi, salmon and crab stick caught my attention. A must try restaurant 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻المزيد من منتجات