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The use of all ENTERTAINER Travel on the ENTERTAINER products is governed by these Hotel Rules of Use (the "Rules") and any terms of use included on the Hotel Offers. A reference to "ENTERTAINER", "we," "us," or "our" is a reference to the ENTERTAINER group of companies. In the event of a conflict between these rules and any terms of use included on a Hotel Offer, the terms of use on the Hotel Offer shall apply.

1. ENTERTAINER Travel - Hotels Worldwide

Hotels Worldwide is the ENTERTAINER's in-app travel product accessible to registered Members of the ENTERTAINER mobile application (“App”).

You can find two offer types in ENTERTAINER Travel Hotels Worldwide ; Buy One Night, Get One Free (‘Hotel BOGO Offers’) and Package Offers (“Package Offers”)

  1. Hotel BOGO Offers
    • This offer is valid for one complimentary night when another night of equal or greater value is purchased at "Best Available Rates" (see Section 4 "HOTEL TERMS" below).
    • Hotel BOGO Offers are based on a one-time use for a minimum two nights consecutive stay and apply to the room only rate, excluding breakfast (unless otherwise specified).
    • Hotel BOGO offers are exclusive of taxes, charges, and any service charges or tourism fees applicable pursuant to local laws. (These charges will apply to both the paid and complimentary night)
    • Hotel BOGO offers are the standard annual ENTERTAINER offer at each hotel valid from 01 January to 30 December.
  2. Package Offers
    • This offer is based on a fixed rate all-inclusive package offer, including room with additional hotel inclusions and benefits. Valid for Repeat use for a limited period.
    • Package Offers are inclusive of taxes and exclude any service charges or tourism fees applicable pursuant to local laws.
    • Package Offers vary from hotel to hotel, and specific terms and conditions apply to each offer.
    • Validity dates of the Package Offers may vary and are stated within the specific offer.

2. ENTERTAINER TRAVEL - Hotels Rules of Use

All Hotel offers are “Subject to Availability” (see Section 4 “HOTEL TERMS” below) of rooms allocated to the ENTERTAINER promotion at the time of booking and the following conditions:

  • ENTERTAINER Members are required to request availability of the Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer directly with Hotel Reservations at the time of booking.
  • Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer is not valid for online bookings via the hotel website or any third-party website.
  • Advance reservations must be made directly with the hotel prior to arrival for all Offers. The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer is not valid for walk-ins without a prior reservation.
  • The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer does not apply to corporate, group, or conference rates or travel agency bookings and may not be combined with other discount offers or programs, including rates on third-party travel or daily deal websites.
  • The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer may not be available on Exclusion Days. Minimum night stays and special event or seasonal restrictions may apply.
  • The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer is valid for new bookings made in accordance with these rules and does not apply to any existing booking.
  • Hotel rates are quoted in the local currency or as specified by the hotel.
  • The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer does not include air travel, hotel transfers, or other inclusions unless otherwise specified on the Hotel Offer/Package Offer.
  • The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, or loyalty/rewards programs.
  • All bookings are subject to the standard payment and cancellation policies of the hotel (see Section 3 "HOTEL POLICIES" below) and any terms and conditions set out at time of booking.

3. ENTERTAINER TRAVEL - Hotels Bookings

  • ENTERTAINER Members are required to call the Hotel Reservations directly to make a booking.
  • Request to use the relevant ENTERTAINER Hotel BOGO offer/Package Offer at the time of booking and hotel to provide email confirmation. Payment is made directly to the property.
  • The validity of the Hotel Offer/Package Offer will be specified on the digital voucher.
How to Redeem Hotel BOGO/Package Offer
  1. Select your chosen offer for use on the app.
  2. Present your mobile device with the chosen offer upon arrival at hotel check-in.
  3. The hotel staff member will then enter their four-digit PIN and note the 'Reference Number' on your booking registration.
  4. The offer will be applied to your final bill upon hotel check-out.


All bookings are subject to the applicable hotel’s standard reservations, payment and cancellation policies. Before finalising your reservation, please review the hotel’s policy on advance deposits, cancellations and late arrival guarantees. The ENTERTAINER will not accept any responsibility for each hotel’s management policies.


What is the "Best Available Rate"?

The Hotel BOGO Offers are based on a discount off the Best Available Rate at each hotel. The "Best Available Rate" is the fully flexible, "non-restricted" room only rate of the day, quoted directly by the hotel reservations to the public and is generally published on the hotel’s website. It may also be referred to as the "Best Flexible Rate" or "Rack Rate". The Best Available Rate varies from the hotel’s other promotional rates including weekend package rates, advance purchase rates, all-inclusive package rates and Summer/Ramadan rates.

What is "Subject to Availability"?

The Hotel BOGO Offers/Package Offers are "Subject to Availability" of rooms at the discounted rate allocated to this promotion at the time of booking at each hotel. When this allocation of rooms is filled, the Hotel Offer may then no longer be available to the ENTERTAINER members, even if the hotel still has rooms available to be sold at full rate. Please check the availability of the Hotel Offer/Package Offer with hotel reservations at the time of booking.

Exclusion Days / Seasonal Restrictions

The Hotel BOGO Offer/Package Offer may not be available during Exclusion Days or Holiday periods. Some hotels may also have a minimum night stay requirement for all bookings, or specific black-out dates during special events or peak seasonal periods. Please check with the hotel prior to making a booking.


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The barter, trade, sale, purchase, or transfer for compensation of any ENTERTAINER product or any of its Offers or contents by any person or entity, including but not limited to travel services, travel providers, and distributors of the product or any of its Offers, is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the ENTERTAINER. The product and its Offers and other content are intended for the non- profit use of the individual purchaser of the Offers. Additionally, the use of the product or any of its Offers for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited. Any use of the Offers in violation of these Rules will render the Offers void, and the ENTERTAINER will avail itself of any and all legal remedies available to it. Offers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited or restricted by law. The ENTERTAINER will not be responsible for the closing down or refusal of any merchant to accept ENTERTAINER vouchers; however, we will use reasonable efforts to rectify the situation, to the extent possible The ENTERTAINER will not be responsible in the event that acts of God, fire casualties, illness, injury or other events beyond its control, prevent you from using any Offer.


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