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The Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta showcases a unique series of expertly captured scenes from the original tales of the life and times of the crusader knights. We discover how in 1530, Grand Master L’Isle Adam entered the gates of the fortified city. An extraordinary achievement that depicts the energy of those ... More

14/19 Casa Magazzini, Magazines Street
+356 2145 1342
The Knights of Malta

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Malta 2020

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Recent Reviews
As a Maltese individual myself, whom I have alot of passion about history, this museum is absolutely amazing ❤ Gabriel provided excellent service 🔝👏 I would recommend this Museum, its life sized figures are simply gorgeous 😍More
Really interested in the content of this film/museum, but too many little things happened to make this less than enjoyable. Film content was Ok or maybe a little better than OK. We got our headset and device and 3D glasses. Instructions not to touch any of the buttons, just hang the device around your neck. Film viewing was OK, if you can tolerate the staff walking in/out of the theater multiple times, leaving the door open (thus letting light into the darkened theater), or walking through the theater between viewers and screen with bright flashlights. Walking through the displays was even less successful. First they take your 3D glasses from you. Then audio from the headsets describe exhibits and then instruct you to move to the next exhibit display. Sometimes it's not clear which is the next exhibit. And audio problems don't help. Sometimes you think you should be at an exhibit, but you have no audio. Staff came through because the group of five of us were obviously having issues. We missed audio on probably a third of the exhibits. One man had his device replaced. And the instructions became 'you should hold your device up like this' Not worth the money spent. Do not recommend.More
The best thing to see in Mdina is the OTHER attraction, The Mdina Experience. The Knights of Malta is a waste to time and consists of a similar film to the former, but not as good, followed by some static and very naff waxwork displays - all quite childish.More
Still smarting from paying €10 to enter St John’s Cathedral in Valletta (only to be told to be silent as it was a place of worship!) the €6.50 entry was well worth it. Very friendly welcome and a great history lesson - very entertaining to boot. Most amused that the audio history cut off at Napoleon capturing the islands in mention of the subsequent 164 years under British rule that followed! Brexit.....surely not, after all it is only January 31, 2020! LOLMore
This museum was very well presented and was very unique. The film was very informative and the tour was very engaging. Definitely worth a visit.More