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Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Located in Ras Al Jinz, the nesting site for green turtles, Raz Al Jinz Turtle Reserve is designed as a Bedouin desert camp. It offers 31 comfortable guest rooms or private cottages, all featuring warm traditional décor. The onsite restaurants serve daily breakfast & traditional Arabic food during ... More

Junayz Al Janubi
+968 9655 0606
Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

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  • Sur, Oman


Recent Reviews
Pros:It was a really good experience and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We stayed at the eco tent which was a first and absolutely loved it. Everything was clean and comfortable inside. Food was good too. Turtle trip was a well memorable one as the tour guide explained everything well. The sky was exceptionally beautiful at night since the light pollution was low here. Cons: Wifi wasn't much available inside the tent. Hotel needs a little renovation here and there as it looks dry. Overall a good experience!More
The turtle tour (we did the evening one) was fantastic with a very knowledgeable guide However the accommodation was pricey for what it was and not like the pictures. The tents were very close together and looked into each other/car park. There was nowhere to sit and have a drink or anywhere to sit in reception while waiting for the start of the tour The food was fabulous as were the waiting staff in the restaurant (the receptionist was not so helpful)More
This was one of the best buffet dinners that we’ve ever had. The start was a bit off putting- the restaurant was so crowded 10 minutes past 7pm (dinner starts at 7pm) so that we had to wait for a table for over half an hour (trick- book your table or be there early). We were even thinking of going to find food outside…to save time and find more authentic food. Yes- we didn’t have a lot of expectations for the buffet. However the staff were so friendly and accommodating. They offered a small table for our children until a bigger one became available and it wasn’t long after that we got a table. And the food- how amazing surprise was that! Great choice of fresh salads and veg, everything so tasty. And main courses were so well seasoned- not your average buffet, that’s for sure. Food selection seemed to be a mix of Western and Indian dishes. The indian ones especially were truly good (I didn’t actually try the pasta, but kids topped their plates several times!). My favourite was the seafood curry! Everything super fresh and flavourful. Compliments for the chef! And also the staff who served us and kept the buffet full and looking good. Thank you Naresh for taking care of us and all other guests- you are super fast and efficient and caring at the same time. 10 points out of ten. PS the breakfast buffet was equally good, just the dinner was an unexpected surprise.More
We stayed two nights and went to see the turtles 4 times during our stay. Each time we saw turtles. The groups were a little larger than expected but on the first night we saw many turtles and the guide was great. The second night the guide was less informed and as we only saw one turtle a little impatient to get us back to hotel. The food and service were great. My girlfriend was checking out the food and working out what was vegetarian. She was asked by staff if she was ok and she explained. He then asked if she would like the chef to make her s vegetarian curry. She really enjoyed this and made the experience even better.More
We stayed here for just one night and lucky it was enough to see some turtles. The place is worth a visit if the plan is only to see the turtles but should exploit the potential to become an even better experience. As a guest we had an evening and a morning tour and in both cases we got to see the turtles and this is great. The morning tour was definitely less crowded and was therefore a better experience (in addition the dawn light allows also some great pictures). The night tour was not that great since (imho) there were too many participants that rushed to see the turtles. Being a reserve I had expected a more limited amount of people on the beach and divided in small groups so not to disturb too much these wonderful creatures. We stayed in one of the tents and despite everything being ok the general impression is that they needed some renovations. In addition when we entered the tent it was hot and smelly. Since it is known in advance when the guests are coming it could be nice to turn on the air conditioning in advance. Finally it is worth to mention the restaurant where we had a good dinner and a nice breakfast. Although being the only available option it was good and with friendly staff.More