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Situated along a golden stretch of Sentosa's Siloso Beach, Coastes offers a rustic charm and a casual, laid-back beach vibe where the sunbeds and deck chairs flow right to the water's edge. This breezy beach bar serves premium beer, house spirits and hearty beach food. Tuck into generous servings of ... More

50 Siloso Beach Walk
+65 6631 8938

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Singapore 2021

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Recent Reviews
We first called the restaurant but since it was on a PH we could not make any reservations. The guy who took the call was very professional and gave good advice. He was speaking with a western accent. Thank you. Even CHOPE app did not allow us to CHOPE? As we were staying on sentosa we wanted to dine here. We were walking along beachfront after stopping at Trapizza and the staff said it was full and just put us on waiting list. They said cos busy no idea when and even if we waited, they still have many guests before us. Staff at the entrance counter was not service oriented at all sadly. Even when we tried to give her alternative questions, she was not interested but keep saying long list waiting but later 10 minutes after we left she did call but we were at coastes already. Her tone is what we do not like. She said if we do not get back in 10 minutes she will released the table. It would take us more than 10minutes to get back. Thats why we chose coastes. No regrets at all. So we decided to hop on o the shuttle buggy towards beach station. Then we stopped at Coastes and lucky for us, no q. This was after 7pm. We were delighted. We could not find the entrance at first cos well hidden by beer ads. We saw exit sign but no entrance sign. However after awhile manage to find it besides exit sign. U need to do something here. The lady at the entrance, the sweetest person helped us get a seat with fan cos it was a hot and humid evening. Then we just need to order online, pay online and Viola! like magic, the food appears very fast! WOW! WOW! WOW! Contactless service but very efficient and friendly. Contactless does not mean no service. This restaurant understands all the basics. The mango smoothies OMG! So heavenly that we had to order 2 glasses. The only item we did not like is the oily chicken wings. I recall this place used to do very good chicken wings. The crispy, dry and very fragrant ones years ago. Please relook ...we did not like the oily very black ones. Thank God, the portion was small. The spaghetti with mushrooms was yummy, prawn salad was great too. As we had already paid, we could just leave fast too. No waiting in line for payment, etc. This restaurant has a great ordering system. We just hope they can take reservations. And hope the customers do not come late. Perhaps charge a $5 for holding the table to be fair to those standing in line if u cannot be on time. $5 for holding seat for 10min. Reservations prevent unnecessary q and allow better planning. Will definitely return cos the staff there are excellent! Reward them well cos good staff hard to come by.More
The atmosphere is great paired with fantastic food only to be ruined by a single staff member. After owning trip advisor for years this singular assistant manager has finally compelled me to write My first review. No matter how delicious the food was I couldn’t get the arrogant sour taste of the assistant manger Kristian out of my mouth. Despite his requests being with In Reason his attitude towards customer is beyond shameful. A simple request to leave our luggage outside is portrayed with such aggression that I’ve felt the need to create my first ever trip advisor review. Condescending and arrogant. I would visit the restaurant again given Kristian wouldn’t be working the shift.More
Lovely location and the food looks pretty good based off what I have seen on the menu. However, when I arrived with 2 others at around 6:15pm on Sunday 21 March 2021, the entry staff said they weren’t accepting guests for the next 1-2 hours. Perhaps it was because it was raining, but the staff member did not give a clear reason why. I found it odd as well because there clearly were many empty tables available, but I am not sure why they weren’t accepting people? Furthermore, when I came back at around 7:30pm, there were evidently new diners dining inside the restaurant, and they still weren’t accepting new guests? I think your restaurant has an amazing location and tons of potential. But given how popular your location is, I feel that the entry requirements, especially on weekends where reservations are unavailable, should be made clearer (for instance, when guests are no longer accepted or whether the restaurant stays open when it rains).More
Wouldn't go there again. Staff was rude shouting at top of voice demanding people to clear off the beach at 7pm when he could have said so nicely in a proper tone. He thinks guests owes him a living and he is the alpha male of the place. Worst case, we heard form others that this wasn't the first time such an incident happened with same lousy attitude from staff. Yet, the owner who was there obviously stayed silently, hiding behind the cashier and the manager tried covering up for staff; although he did admit that this particular staff can be a bad egg.More
I visited Coastes with some friends at the weekend - we booked a table so were able to cut right through the queue at the entrance (this place is really popular so book ahead if you can). It's in a great location in a gorgeous natural bay and as long as you abide by the pandemic guidelines you can swim in the sea before or after you dine. The food is really good with loads of options available - pizzas, burgers, pasta, seafood etc - and the drinks and service were excellent. The staff were really attentive. Special shout-out to a guy who I think was called Siva for great service. Top tip: book a table around the time of sunset. The views across the water are stunning!More