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Fuddruckers’ hamburgers are the best - home-made daily, using only the finest US certified Angus beef. They are cooked fresh to order, using our unique spices and served in our signature home-made, freshly baked buns. Our free topping and produce bars offer a place to personalise your burger with ... More

Near GGICO Metro Station
Al Garhoud
+971 4 282 7771

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  • Al Garhoud

    Al Garhoud

  • Jumeirah



Recent Reviews
Second time visiting & we really love the food very affordable and so delicious. Staff are friendly and they have knowledge about the menu Highly recommendedMore
BEST BURGER EVER! I will definitely go back and the service is amazing too. I didnt expect that ❤️❤️❤️More
I went with my family. We were 3 including myself and ordered 2 burgers sized3/4 (the biggest one) then the waitress brought us ONLY 2 silverware (eating tools) then 2 plates of salads. So I asked her please to bring a third salad to my sister. Sheila, the waitress name, looked at me in a very surprising way saying "but you ordered only 2 meals!!" I said yes but we will share them! She brought the salad without the silverware. I had to ask again..then I asked twice for slice of lemons that she didn't bring..bringing our 2 meals without a third plate for my poor sister so she can out her share. I had to walk to another waitress asking her to bring us tissues, slice of lemons and melted cheese. Hana was so nice and friendly as all waitresses usually are at Fruddrockers. It was really embarrassing to keep asking for silverware, extra plate, 1 more plate of salad, tissues, etc. Isn't enough to ask once? Should everything be asked twice and from 2 different waitresses cuz the first one is mad at us eating 3 plate of salad while we ordered only 2 meals!! I have been a customer of you 1998 when I was at Virginia, USA for my degree then here in Dubai since 1999 at Al Garhoud branch and was never experienced such strange service. Other than that, the food taste and quality were great as usual. The restaurant was clean and the entire atmosphere was nice.. special thanks to Hana who was serving our table with a nice smile although we weren't in her section!More
I went there last night for a late Iftar along with my family including my 3 year old daughter. After feeding her, she was able to see a friend with the same age of her and started to play and run with so much fun. The manager approached my sister that it was so noisy. In this case, what shall i do... they are just little kids. If you dont want kids around the restaurant then fine! So disappointed with the manager’s attitude towards children.More
Had gone on a Sunday with family. Staff are helpful and restaurant is clean and hygienic. We had the chicken platters. Really good stuff. The cajun chicken platter is the best with the baked potato and fudds fries. Even the Fish fillet platter was delicious. they allow you to choose two side items(usually the baked or mashed potato is better than the corn and steamed veg and yes fudds fries over the regular fries). ice tea could be better. try the smiles app for discounts bogo offers on the main course. Price is justified for the platters.More