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81 LTD

  • International

81 Ltd is a 1940s-themed speakeasy cocktail bar and is by appointment only. It serves quality cocktails in luxurious surroundings, with a vast bar stocking every spirit imaginable. You must be on the guest list to receive the code which grants access to 81 Ltd. To be added to the guest list, please ... More

81 Seel Street, L1 4BB
+44 780 336 1052
81 LTD

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  • Liverpool



Recent Reviews
Good music, good vibe, was packed which definitely helped! One seat was broken but not labelled/cordoned off and of course i fell off it. Bar was well staffed with good serviceMore
Not a place to go if you want to sit in comfort, not worried about what has been there before you and not cleaned. The toilets look like they were put together by a cowboy and the place just smells a bit funky. Service is great though and the beer is cold so if you like it rough and ready, this is for you!More
We popped in on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't get a good feel in here unfortunately. It was empty so only me and my husband in there. Not a fan of the graffiti. Everywhere looked like it needed a good clean. More
Nothing special about this place just a dirty pub, but upstairs I believe there's a great speak easy, pity you've got to go through this dum to get to it.More
Salt dogs is one of our favourite bars to go to, always has great music and bartenders have great chemistry. Free shots with first drink and a belter hot dog to go with it. One of the best bars in liverpool. More