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The philosophy behind Akakiko is simple - easy Japanese dining with high-quality healthy food. The menu offers fresh ideas for sushi, sashimi, maki and favourites such as tempura, beef fillet teppan, lemon chicken and Peking duck. Have lunch with friends, order takeaway or dine on our terrace in the Read More

Achaion 1, Engomi
+357 77 778 022
[email protected]

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Cyprus 2019

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Cyprus 2020

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Recent Reviews
I'll start with the negatives: decoration is outdated and ambience could have been better. Also, the service was slow; first to last dish served were separated by one hour. It could have been cleaner as well. Now, the positives: The menu is extensive and inclusive. The food was amazing. Chicken dumplings were incredible. Miso soup was simple but balanced, bento box was very good although the glass noodles were a bit unbalanced and overwhelmed by kimchi, chicken noodle soup was brilliant, although the chicken was a bit dry and the broth was slightly unbalanced (maybe it could use some dashi). Sushi was incredible; rainbow maki was simple, clean and vibrant and the dragonite was complicated and layered in both textures and flavours (sidenote: the carob reduction was inspired and the crispy carrot was crispy and dry, as it should be, but was a little oily, usually indicating dull ribboning blades).Read more
Good food, convenient location, friendly staff, recommend dragon maki rolls na d thai chicken. Value for moneyRead more
Food was good with great portions. A young employee tutored by a more experienced one served us together and they were both friendly and helpful, making sure nothing was missed on our order. When I accidentally threw away my rating voucher card, another employee along with the tutoring one had no problem replacing it for me and my girlfriend. Keep up the awesome work guys.Read more
The service was excellent, the food was ready pretty fast and everything that we ordered was delicious!Read more
The service was great. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was good. Good for families too. Sushi greatRead more