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Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai is a hip downtown 5-star exclusive all-suite luxury hotel, featuring suites designed around a courtyard-within-a-room concept. Experience the next-level Italian cuisine that reimagines classic dishes or soak in the town's coolest rooftop pool where the sunset cocktail hour is Read More

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai
22/2 Nimmana Haeminda Road, Soi 9, Su Thep
Chiang Mai
+66 2514 8112

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Recent Reviews
The nice boutique hotel surprised us is many ways. Staff was nice, food in their restaurant was great, rooms were excellent, and the little snack/drink refilled everyday makes you feel really being taken care of. Pool is very small though but it offers a nice view.Read more
We stayed here for four nights and really liked it. The location is great and you are within easy walking distance of a nice shopping mall and many restaurants, along with a couple of 7-11’s. And who doesn’t love a 7-11 when in need of something. Things we liked: 1. Chic modernistic design of hotel and rooms - I read some people thought it too dark but it was great for us 2. Cool soaking tub actually outside the room but still in the room (you’ll get what I mean if you go to the website) 3. Breakfast included is real good. We were impressed with the quality and variety 4. Staff were very helpful and courteous Things that weren’t so hot: 1. The music from the bar across the alley from the hotel was pretty loud some nights. If you needed to get to sleep a little early this could pose a problem for some. Good thing is they usually shut it down around 11 or 11:30 so all in all it wasn’t too bad 2. Light switches in the room were a little confusing until you figure it out then everything works as expected - not a big deal WARNING - watch out for the Tuk Tuk drivers because they really will “take you for a ride” beware also the taxi drivers; many are dishonest. Read more
This hotel surprise me, I thought this is going to be like other boutique hotel with fancy architecture and adequate service, but their reception staff are incredible, we tried to book several activities with Evan and Eye and they were very patient and helpful but we eventually cancelled all of them because of our own conditions, and he was so caring and thoughtful during our stay. We will definitely come back to this hotel next time.Read more
We stayed in three different hotel in chiang mai, and this is the best hotel! They have beautiful rooms and wonderful swimming pool! The most worthy thing in the room is their bathtub! Just take all kinds of photo in it please!!! The see through design of the swimming pool makes you look super sexy! I highly recommend couples come and stay in this hotel! Their service at the front desk is also considerate, the receptionist are very kind and helpful! Ivan and Mar provided many useful information in the local area! They also have a airport transport service, the driver Wut is very friendly as well!Read more
We had the privilege of staying at Akyra Manor for 2 weeks in November/December, and also the unique situation of traveling with a young child with many food sensitivities. The staff at Akyra went over and beyond to prepare food that was suitable for my daughter. Upon our arrival at the hotel, Pam from the restaurant asked me for details regarding her strict diet, and promptly sent someone out to buy the necessary ingredients, assuring me that they would use separate cookware to prevent cross-contamination. My daughter had her delicious and diet-compliant dinner served in our room within the hour. We did some planning for all her meals for the rest of the trip, and the restaurant staff and Chef Base took care of everything. They made sure that every staff member knew the details of her dietary requirements, and that I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Any parent with a child with allergies would know what a great help and relief this was. My daughter loved her food and was so happy to be able to eat meals at the restaurant just like the rest of us. The food at Italics restaurant was wonderful— we would know as we ate almost every meal there for 2 weeks and loved the it every time. After 2 weeks with the wonderful staff at a very thoughtfully designed hotel, Akyra Manor started to feel like home. We were so sad to leave. All the staff at the hotel were wonderful, but we had more opportunity to get to know Joe, Wat, Nee, Por, and Pam and Chef Base at the restaurant, and the kindest security guard at the front entrance. Our children loved being with them and their warm and attentive care made our holiday so very special. We would go back to Chiang Mai just to stay at this hotel! Read more