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Aspire Active Dome

Aspire Active Dome is credited as the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose dome, offering the highest quality facilities for multiple sports and International events. The total seating capacity of Aspire Active Dome is 15,500 across 13 separate multi-sport halls and its adjoining Aspire Active Read More

Al Henaizbiah Street
Aspire Zone
+974 4413 6570

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Qatar 2019

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Recent Reviews
Everything you need at one place. The Aspetar hospital is amazing. If I were an athlete it is definitely the place to go.Read more
I like this park for walking and running visiting at night is great coffee shops and views. The water bridge is great especially on those hot summer nights. Read more
I was a long transit in Doha and a good friend of mine showed me around Doha and Aspire park. It was a great experience: fabulous sports facilities in Aspire Dome, absolutely wonderful arrangements for visiting football teams/clubs; great Aspire residential Sports Academy. Something to ponder and to follow.Read more
Aspire Park is an unbelievable sports complex, with every sport covered in one way or another. It really would be an inspiration for any young athlete to be about this venue.Read more
We went here on Saturday for an hour. We walked around the lake and we were the only people in the entire park. It was hot 40 degrees! We found a lifeguard driving a golf cart and asked if we could jump in. He then took us for a drive around the park going up and down the hills and showed us the whole park, which was lovely and pointed stuff out to us. He even gave us a free bottle of water each (what a nice man). There is a lovely bridge which you can walk over and get wet and a few benches under trees for shade. Very close to the Villagio Mall. Lovely park will go again when it cools down.Read more