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Bounce Inc

Bounce is a world where the wall becomes the floor, a slam dunk is within your grasp and the rules of gravity no longer apply. Packed with lots of things to do with kids and the family, it takes the rush of getting airborne and adds new dimensions - from aerial manoeuvres to slam dunking, wall Read More

Lower Level, Adventure Golf Entrance, Next to Wimpy, Corner of Fourways Boulevard & William Nicol Drive
Fourways Mall
+27 11 517 2500
[email protected]

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Johannesburg & Pretoria 2019

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Recent Reviews
Definitely an excellent place to visit. They have options for Birthday parties, Team Building or just fun for family. If you are able to do normal physic activities on the trampoline - this is the place to go. For young and old. It can be very tiring - so if you want to do flips etc please take a towel as you will need it.Read more
Great fun for all ages and the kids get exercise without realizing it 🤪 bigger than some of the other branchesRead more
The place is great in terms of getting a workout or burning out some excess energy for all types of people, most notably kids. There is a beginners age limit that kids cannot attend but otherwise it is a good place for a workout. The service and knowledge from staff on the trampoline are okay - they don't spend much time explaining how the trampoline can be utilised. I think there is a 1hr time limit to use the trampoline. The reception service is also okay too - there are too many staff hanging around there and hinders on quality of service. The eating area is small and options of food is very limited. I don't think you can bring in food either.Read more
Staff encourage games and the facilities are as good as they look, came here the day after a long haul flight so the kids could stretch their legsRead more
On my first day in South Africa, my cousin brought his wife and I here. It was a Monday afternoon and so it wasn't packed at all. We had our choice of trampolines to pick from. It is definitely a great time as we bounced and laughed the great deal. You can play basketball, dodgeball, parkour, somersaults and even use the heavy duty trampoline that they have in gymnastics gyms. Of course, this is all at your own risk and you are advised to do only tricks within your skill set. This is a great place to have family, friends, or even a date. It is also a very good Core workout. We even have a section where you can get refreshments while you are there. They also have lockers for your use, but you have to pay a fee for them.Read more