burger joint new york

The burger joint new york offers fresh American handmade beef patties, grilled to perfection and topped with all of the fixings. Apart from the delicious burgers, you can enjoy home-made brownies, milkshakes, craft beer, cocktails and an extensive list of bourbons Read More

115 Amoy Street, #01-03
Club Street
Burger Joint
+65 6221 8648

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Recent Reviews
It’s astonishing how much western food is in Singapore. This town seems to take pride in expensive average food and burger joint is no exception. Yes the burger was darn good and the craft beer was tasty, but $190 for 2 burgers fries and 6 beers is outright thievery and spoiled the experience. The only enjoyment was that it was a cool windowless joint off an alley that felt slightly cool albeit even this was staged. Sorry BJ, you need to cut your prices in half to get any credibility with me. Read more
We tried the Burger Joint in NYC and we were naturally very excited to see a Singapore branch. The location is quite hidden. Entering the Burger Joint is almost as cool as the NYC one. Burgers are pricey but worth the while. They also have a mean selection of craft beers. Read more
After spending a month eating local Asian food, my friends and I decided it was time for burgers and a good beer. The concierge at the Fairmont Hotel recommended the Burger Joint on Amoy Street, so we jumped into a taxi and headed down there. As he dropped us off at the address, we noticed another restaurant in its place. We walked in and they said the Burger Joint is around back, so we headed into a back ally and there was a little neon sign with a picture of a burger on it. A few feet away is an unmarked door, so we entered and found a long entrance way leading to a VERY small dinning room and a little sign saying the Burger Joint. Very Weird! There were maybe 8 or 9 tables and a very small closet that was converted into a room with two small tables that held 4 people each. That's where we ended up. Very claustrophobic and we are sitting literally one foot away from the next table. No windows, the only air coming in, is from the doorway. This is a wood paneled closet where everybody that's ever been here, scratched their name, initials or something else into it to prove that they were here. There are no waiters? You have to walk up to the bar and place your order, just like you would do if you were at McDonalds? What! We ordered three burgers with bacon and fries, two local brewed beers and one Coke. You pay as you order! A beer was $20HKD, a burger was $28HDK. Not cheap, so the food must be fantastic? No, just average! After waiting fifteen minutes for the burgers/fries to arrive, one of the cooks dropped a paper bag on our table, with the food. Each burger was wrapped individually, as was the fries. 28 bucks for a burger in a bag, are you kidding me. I could have eaten at Mortons Steakhouse for the same burger/price and be treated like a king. The burgers were good, nothing great and the fries were very good. The next time I want an average $28.00 burger in a bag with no service, I'll know where to go.Read more
3 stars for the burgers, 3 stars for the beer selection. 1 star for the service. Minus 3 stars for having to pay extra 17% for non-existent service: you line up, take a number, they will call it, offer no cutlery, eat off a paper bag. In London this service is at your discretion. In reality you almost always pay for it. Except when given this service. Minus stars for being the most expensive beer that any of us had ever purchased. We are all foreigners from Asia, Australia and Europe, well travelled and well paid. Some places you pay foe the food - this ain't it. Some you pay for the atmosphere. This certainly ain't it: a ground floor fast food faux dive laughing at foreigners who read the 5 star reviews. A thoroughly negative experience, and one that I would find very hard to justify. If you think this is 5 star, I understand. You spent too.mich money and need to rationalise it somehow. Next time save your money, drop me a line and I will take you around the corner for a better burger amd atmosphere for half the price. If I told you how I really feel the miss would reject this review. $105 McDonald's indeed.Read more
Loved the hidden location. But the price of the food is one the high side. Loved the atmosphere and not run of the mill food outletRead more

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