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Classic Burger Joint

Flame grilled with passion, Classic Burger Joint serves burgers that cook up a gourmet storm. We only serve real burgers and their essential sides like fries, salads and drinks, which enhance the burger experience. Our celebrated prime-quality beef patties are succulently prepared exclusively for Read More

Kanari, Saripolou Square
+357 70 000 405

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Cyprus 2019

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Recent Reviews
This place is a taste bud sensation. I love the burgers and the fries. What can I say, except eat drink and be merry.Read more
Delicious freshly prepared handmade burgers! Great fresh buns and delicious handmade fries! A bit expensive thought if you are eating full price, but with the Entertainer we will visit again!Read more
Quality of the burgers is consistently good but the fries can vary somewhat. Also, it’s annoying if you order several burgers and they have the wrong labels on them - someone else’s fingers touching your food ?!!Read more
Huge fan of their bbq burger for a long time! It was easily my favorite burger in Limassol. I used to have it 2-3 times a month at Classic Joint in Saripolou Restaurant or delivery at home in my nerdy dvd gaming nights with friends till this happened... They used to have a “combo offer” 3 burgers of YOUR CHOICE and 2 portions of fries in the price of 24 euros. Surprisingly, the “offer” changed and they took out eveyones fav. Bbq burger, the offer now includes only the plain classic burger and cheeseburger... And I’m asking this... why 3 people paid 40 EURO for 3 burgers just to have a freaking BBQ SAUCE UNDER THEIR BUN????????? The size grams of bbq burger and plain burger is exact the same... Oh the waitress tried to explain me it has also bacon and onions.. whatever I didn’t want to make a scene or call the manager cause you know I have money to pay my burger but the thing is.. you just lost a small group of nerds who used to love your bbq burger and used to have it 2-3 times a month in their dvd nights but now it’s just too expensive.. we can order Mcdonalds meals including dessert for 1/3 of your price. If you wanna charge like some super high class restaurant ofcourse you are free to do but at least act like one, we paid 40 euro to drink our soft drinks without straw, glass and ice cubes. The reality is we’re gonna miss your burger and we highly recommend it to everyone who thinks price is not issue when it comes to good and tasty food. Read more
Burgers were ok but over priced for what they were. Given it's locality it appears it tries to get away with its prices based on tourism but they're ok burgers nothing special to command the special prices. Atmosphere again very dull.Read more