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Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream & Sorbet

Cold Gold offers speciality 100% natural ice cream and sorbet using organic ingredients and supporting local suppliers. They feature over 800 flavours, can meet any dietary requirements like vegan, Banting, low carb, high fat, diabetic and Paleo and can realise any ice cream dream - the only limit Read More

R44 Strand Road, Die Boord
(021) 880-2047
[email protected]

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Cape Town 2020

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Scoop of Ice Cream or Sorbet (3offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 8
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
Don't waste your time they dont know the code to accept entertainer app, the service is poor. They are unable to contact a manager on a week day. The ice cream is horrible.Read more
Ice cream was not that good and it was a bit icey. My son did not like his ice cream at all,and he loves ice cream.Read more
Cold Gold was not a great experience. The lady working there didn't have a great attitude and also didn't know if she had certain beverages like still water and sparkling water in the fridge. There is like 1 table to sit at in the shop. There is no music playing in the background to create an atmosphere and there are very few ice cream and sorbet options. The shop is not customer focused. I also don't think it is the greatest location for the shop, they probably get very little customers because of their location.Read more
We were excited to go here and try the ice-cream. But we were disappointed. The ice-cream is nothing spectacular or different. I've had better and made better home made ice-cream myself. At R35 a single scoop it really is not worth it. The Area is not nice either and nowhere to sit once you buy your ice-cream. You have to stand outside (you better hope it's sunshine)and finish it before getting back into your car. I really would not recommend this and to me it was a lot of fuss made over nothing much. The banting ice-cream has xylitol in which a lot of people can't have because it gives them diarrhea so perhaps erythritol or stevia might be a better option for them to consider. I must add that the two ladies working there were not at all enthused to help us plus only after I ordered and got the ice-cream did she tell me no card sales under R100. fortunately I had snap scan in my phone. You need to tell customers these things before. a tiny credit card sized instructions stuck on a place Noone would even look is not ideal. place leaves a lot to de desired. bad service nowhere to sit horrible location average ice-cream expensive. Read more
Great place to spend a good half an hour sampling the wares of the shop and especially the ice cream-Dog friendly tooRead more