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Dunkin Donuts - Abu Dhabi

Dunkin' Donuts is the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world. The first Dunkin' Donuts outlet in the UAE opened in May 1997. Dunkin' Donuts sell 52 varieties of donuts and its coffee products come in a wide range of flavours and types. They serve flavoured coffee, latte, espresso, Read More

ADNOC Petrol Station
Al Samha
+971 4 586 5003

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Abu Dhabi 2020

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Half a Dozen Regular Donuts (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 25
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Restaurants and Bars

One Dozen Regular Donuts (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 40
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Restaurants and Bars

Large Beverage & Two Regular Donuts (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 20
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
Bought a glazed, Bavarian cream and Boston cream at AED15 while waiting for our car wash. Both the Boston cream and Bavarian cream were quite ok while the glazed wasn't as good as krispy cremeRead more
We got 4 donuts and 2 coffee. 2 Boston cream, were really delicious and I guess if we were earlier, it would be more fresh. 1 strawberry and 1 cinnamon, both were good.Read more
I once in a while visit Dunkin Donuts for a coffe or to take home a dozen doughnuts home for my kids. The donuts are delicious and my kids love them. However, since they are too sugary and rich in calories, I have o be very careful and should not allow my kids to eat more than one piece a day.Read more