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Offering a Persian casual dining experience, Hatam opened its first doors in 1989 and has grown from strength to strength. An almost-guaranteed sight in all the malls across the UAE, Hatam is known for its outstanding service and great food in an authentic Iranian atmosphere. Diners are promised an ... More

2nd Level
+971 6 531 2669

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Recent Reviews
We were actually craving for some chicken and lamb meat and want to try HATAM for the 2nd time. We had our first in Deira CIty Center, it was nice same with the ambience and the food. it was surprising that our tastebuds didn't feel any infamiliarity with taste. The meat is so tender. I just don't like the iced tea. Did not taste good. Overall it was a nice food experience, plus the waiters are kind and nice to talk to.More
I've tried many branches of Hatam several times, and while I did notice a slight deterioration in the food quality, I thought it is still a good place to have Persian food. After my experience two days ago, I have changed my mind completely, at least for this branch. There were 3 of us, all big eaters, all very familiar with Persian food. We opted for fatoush and kishk batinjan for starters. For Main dishes we selected the chops, the tikka in yogurt and the mixed kabab. fatoush was just OK, the kishk had very little eggplant in it and was served too warm. I noticed the quantities are now at least 10% less. The chops was utter disaster: burned beyond recognition, tough and laden with charcoal and ash solids!! Work of a complete novice and unfit to be called food. The beef kabab was leathery and tough, the lamb was pasable. The tikka portion was obviously less than usual and shriveled, but at least it was tender and tasted good. The complimentary veggie dish that comes as a starter was a disaster, all the usual greens (basil, green onion and chives) disappeared, the cheese portions are less and the walnuts are gone. Pickles are still there but obviously a lower grade and the greens are replaced by some shredded cabbage and lettuce that is rather wilted and totally unappealing. The rice was acceptable, but the butter that came with it is no longer a known brand (no that I use it). All in all I will never dine there again, I just hope that this is not a trend with the franchise and that other branches will be the same, to be honest I'm afraid to try any other outlet ever again.More
We dine there at least once out of every visit and they are very constant in their food and service. The staff members English is not great but it is manageable.More
There are two restaurants with the same name. Hatam Restaurant and the other is Hatam Al Tai. Hatam Restaurant - is slightly highly priced and you get genuine arabic food like tikka, kabab, homous etc. When you order a plate you get the meat and small place of olives and everything else is billed. It is a nice place and food is ok. Hatam Al Tai - is located in the buzzling Nasser Square. Ambience is just average and have different section for family. When you enter, there is a buffet of salad, you get a tray and a plate and you can take your fill of various types of salad, soup and sweet. Go and sit on your table and you will be asked to place an order, you get all sorts of arabic grill and the place burst at its seems by 1 noon and after 9 pm. The food taste absolutely great and homus is free. This is the difference between the two restaurants. The bill for two max would be AED 60 for two plates of grill. Taste is great, the only place where i have seen people stand in a que to buy shawarma....Disadvantage is parking. Try to come in from the abra and walk a little to this restaurant. I anytime recommend Hatam Al Tai over Hattam Restaurant. This is a place where you eat and go and not look for ambience.More
I had always wanted to eat at Hatam, and a few days ago my dream came true when I went with my friend to the Ramadan Iftar buffet. We did not ask the price in advance. The dates were nice. served with water. The chicken soup was very ordinary, no chicken visible, with canned or frozen veg and canned mushrooms (slimy). The buffet was also very ordinary, only 2 kinds of rice, and 3 kinds of chicken. The only veg dishes were molokhia and okra, neither of which I like. I must say the kibbeh were excellent though. The main disappointment was the dessert: one dish of sweet custard made with water, and another of oversweetened pineapple jelly. The fruit on offer was totally unattractive, the cheapest kind of apples, some bruised, oranges, kiwi, a few grapes, some tasteless watermelon and white melon. The biggest downer was the check: 75dh each for the buffet, plus 8dh for a large bottle of water and 18dh for 2 glasses of fountain Coke. Total ripoff; I'd say the meal was worth 25-35dh max. The service was good though, and the waiter friendly. I'll be giving Hatam a miss next time.More