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JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, at JA Hatta Fort Hotel you can mountain bike along a rugged trail, hike to a peak for impressive views, or cool down under the waterfall rock at one of the swimming pools. On-site, find a unique range of activities, from mini-golf, airgun shooting and archery, to ... More

Dubai Hatta Road
+971 4 809 9333
JA Hatta Fort Hotel

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  • Dubai, UAE


Recent Reviews
My experience at Hatts Fort Hotel. We had a water whose hospitality wasn't the best. We then saw Ditan, expectional. The washroom available down stairs were terrible and because i couldn't wasj my hands there...he got me a bowl too. Very gd.More
We had a wonderful stay. The staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful and the food was amazing . I loved the honey comb at breakfast, was a stunning idea. We loved the relaxed outdoor space just a short drive away from the city. I will definitely be back again.More
The location was lovely, we stayed in September and it was still too hot during the day. The room was lovely and the staff were great. The activities keep you busy during the day and three days was a perfect amount of time. The vibe is nice and relaxed. The location is beautiful and the idea of having wildlife around was great. A real break from routineMore
It was my wife's birthday on 14th Nov, I am glad I chose JA Hatta fort hotel for a surprise staycation. My wife was very happy with the property, the peace we got there was so much in need. Thank you for the surprising my wife the complementary cake :)More
It had great location and in center of all attractions in Hatta. Furthermore the location is quite and beautiful the internet was great, had lots of activities for friends and family I recommended this place for everyone and i would return to it in futureMore