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Khana Khazana Indian Vegetarian Restaurant & Bar

Khana Khazana was the first vegetarian Indian restaurant to open in Hong Kong. They offer a wide array of authentic North and South Indian vegetarian dishes and Indian street food options that are prepared by renowned chefs hailing from different regions of India. Most of the dishes are prepared in Read More

1st Level, Dannies House, 20 Luard Road
Wan Chai
+852 2520 5308
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Excellent Food! Quite PRICEY. Good Variety.We ordered Few South Indian & North Indian Dishes.... Paid over HKD450.Read more
I have now dined at Khana Khazana three times over the past couple of months and they're obviously doing something right if I keep going back. I admit the food is good, maybe even better than average Indian food I've had in Hong Kong, but every time I go I can't stop myself from shaking my head at their prices... A few examples here: Masala papad HK$26 Jeera rice $48 Plain dosa $78 Special Indian Thali (with 1 standard drink) $178!!! Honestly, as someone who lived in Dubai for a long time I got used to getting a Thali for way less than HK$ 100, I can't bring myself to even order thali at Khana Khazana as I know I'd be disappointed. The same goes for dosa, another extortionately expensive dish on offer here! You might expect to pay these prices at a restaurant with great decor and great service, but KK the decor is very outdated and service has never been exemplary and at times even disappointingly appalling. Like yesterday when I ordered a sundried stuffed naan and asked the manager / head waiter why my naan had regular tomato instead, he just shrugged his shoulders and admitted that was the case. No apology or question about replacing the bread... I should've pushed for it, but I just didn't feel like 'causing trouble'. Now I regret it - if customers don't complain about such basic things like getting a dish they have ordered, restaurants can keep charging extortionate prices and not care about service... I won't be going back Read more
Went with family with good expectations. However was disappointed. Average restaurant. We had taken North Indian Thali.Read more
Had buffet lunch mix of south and north indian quite confusing which one are they really specialised? South Indian dishes disaster pls don’t have Had naan, roti again except garlic naan other naan and roti nope it’s dry Tandoori entrees say kebabs were completely dry, taste no spicy just bland Jeera Pulao, paneer, aloo mains, desert were nice Ambience were outdated and service was not bad Price not worth for an average tasty food Overall 5/10Read more
Very quiet..first customers of the day. Very good authentic Indian food and drinks. Located in very busy Wan Chai area on second floor. Approximately 80 seats. Full bar.Read more