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La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie features authentic French country cuisine. They import grade A corn-fed chicken and other ingredients directly from France and prepare healthy and nutritious take-away for people on the go. They roast their chickens on the spit of an authentic roasting machine and in the most Read More

Ground Level, 33 Hillier Street
Sheung Wan
+852 9791 9045
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
The place is extremely tiny. I imagine that on peak times, it must feel very claustrophobic. We ordered the lunch special, a quiche with veggies. The steamed veggies were very good, the quiche was just ok, I wouldn't order that again. My husband order the chicken sandwich, but he got only the chicken without the bread. We didn't want to make a fuzz about it. The chicken has a good flavour but it needs a bit more salt. Some roasted potatoes were a bit chewy and hard, but there were tasty. Though, if you are vegetarian or vegan, I am not sure but I think they have a gravy sauce. So, please ask to make sure they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.Read more
Stopped for lunch on Sunday afternoon. Lunch special at 78 HKD is great deal Roasted chicken was moist and delicious . Prepared simply . Roasted potatoes as frequently mentioned here are out of this world . Oven roasted with healthy dose of chicken drippings make them special . Generous portions served fast , they call it take out but they have 10-12 stools at a countertop if you want to set down . I'm frequent HK for business and it will be a new must visit for my trips !! Read more
This is the real authentic taste of roasted chicken! Soooo good! The chicken could be a bit bigger but of course when it's delicious one would always want moreRead more
Our favorite place for roast chicken. Better quality chicken than the other options. For holidays order early. Baguettes are also very tasty. Read more
Good chicken, not always constantly cooked but very tasty nonetheless and the sides are just acceptable, i used to go often but it seems their side dishes are losing any sort of flare and they are just not getting creative or interested in making new things. Its just always the same and no creativity. Chicken is great though! Read more