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Nudel Cafe Canggu

Our café, Nudel Canggu, is located along the way from Kerobokan to Tanah Lot. We are delighted to serve many types of noodles. We also serve Indonesian and Western food. It is a nice place to chill while enjoying Toraja Coffee and experiencing the free high-speed Internet. We guarantee our food is Read More

Jalan Raya Canggu, Br Kayu Tulang
+62 819 1642 2456
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
We eat there almost 20 times already and we love this place and will continues to go. We are traveling for 6 months so it’s good for us to eat food that remember us home a little bit and some options are really healthy and make you really full.. we recommande this place so much. Try the bbq sauce it’s insane.. when they don’t do it too spicy tho aha Read more
I have been visiting this place many times as I think the taste of the food is quite good and the price is really reasonable and they opens till midnight which is a good point for me who always finish work late night BUT the owner or manager of this restaurant seriously needs to train their staff in terms of giving good service. Upon served my food the waiter didn't give me any cutlery so I think he will give me that later, but it didn't happen, so I waived to him but he didn't notice me so I got to move to his desk and talk directly, no apologies just "oh" and flat smiling face. Then when I was about to pay with my debit card he told me that it will charged extra 2,5% that surprised me as they have the same EDC machine for my bank issuer card and the last time I came to this place the other lady waiter also informed me the same thing but after check it was debit card instead of credit she clarified that there will be no extra charge,so I informed him this issue but he insisted that it will got extra charges so I just let him charged whatever he wants. And I got no bill only the receipt of my debit card. I was thinking they were not trained well. No thank you or sorry at all. What a terrible service I ever had. Fyi I work at hospitality industry so I know what costumer really wants when they are coming to our place is a good and genuine service despite any other technical issue. I will not return and recommend this restaurant to anyone.Read more
Loved the menu, food, service and the lovely atmosphere of Nude. Staff so friendly, nothing is a problem. Only thing I found was just a bit hot in the main seating area but there is an air conditioned room adjacent. Definitely would go back.Read more
Found this place almost by accident, but I am so glad we did. The place has very God food and it is cheaper than almost anywhere else in Canggo. Read more
Came here cause it was walking distance to our place that we were staying. The food is good and cheap. Don’t expect anything too amazing. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here but if you’re in the area, it’s decent fare at decent prices. None of the food we got was spicy which was a plus for my family but not for me. It all had good flavor and portions were decent. Nasi goreng special (4): pretty nice dish with fried rice, egg, fried chicken piece, and a single chicken sate skewer. I’d get this again. Add your own spice. Carbonara (4): I was skeptical about pasta here but it was decent. Creamy pasta. Kids loved it. Served with a pretty good piece of garlic bread. Ayam kare (4): flavor was pretty good but it still was missing something. I added some hot sauce and it made the flavors pop. Comes without any spice. The curry was more on the watery side but turned out good when you add the rice. Overall decent joint if you’re in the area. Read more