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Pizza Hut

It all started in Nicosia in 1991. Today, with 35 outlets, Pizza Hut has been established as the No. 1 restaurant chain on the island. There, you can enjoy the delicious pizza combinations, tempting appetisers, salads, sizzling pasta, Hut Burgers™ and the irresistible Wingstreet chicken, all made Read More

Nissi Avenue 43
Ayia Napa
+357 77 777 777
[email protected]

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Cyprus 2020

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  • Estimated savings AED 37
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
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Medium Pizza (1offer)

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Recent Reviews
Came for lunch. The restaurant was completely empty, however, service was slow and the waiter seemed impatient. The food was standard Pizza Hut fare. Some kind of hot sauce for the pizza would have been good but only dried chilli flakes were on offer. I'd avoid the lemonade, too sweet and sour. I'm suffering from heartburn 2 days later.Read more
Visited here for lunch to have the all you can eat. Which is not really the case as you can only order one type of pizza and have to pay extra for a unlimited drink. The man who was serving us was not very friendly either and forgot to get us drinks when we asked for a refill. We both left a few slices of pizzas as well and when we asked for a box to take home with us he simply said we weren’t allowed to do that and walked off. So overall not a great experience.Read more
Took a pizza lunch with my family! Nice place with music and fast service. Pizza was delicious and apple pie was excellent. Enjoyed!Read more
Honestly we saw the Pizza Hut sign and I was so happy to see a chain I’m used to from home (sad I know) so I was insistent that we went one lunchtime to have the all you can eat 5.99 deal. We arrived for bang on 12pm when it is supposed to open and there wasn’t any sign of human life anywhere. In fact it looked almost abandoned to be honest. After 15 minutes of waiting and other people turning up and trying the locked door too, we see a staff member sitting inside. A matter of minutes later, a guy comes to the door, opens it and says ‘yes?’ - as if we were a group of cold callers trying to sell UPVC windows or something. We’re all stood there like... can we come in? We go inside to the most depressing interior in the world, I don’t believe there was any music playing, the staff looked like they were being held against their will. The ‘guy’ in particular was the least arsed human being I’ve ever come across in my life. When he eventually came over to take our order, I asked about the 5.99 all you can eat deal and he looked at me as if I’d taken a dump on his front garden. He then proceeded to flick through one of the menus he had handed us 10 minutes earlier, in an obnoxious manor as if to imply ‘are you thick it’s on the menu’ only to realise that he hadn’t given us that particular menu (convenient). He gave us the menu stating the price but that was about it. So we’re like yes we would like that please. He then proceeds to just stand there to the point it became so uncomfortable I had to ask ‘what do we do now?’. After much ado he explains that we order pizzas from the list and they will be brought over, if we want any more he will bring them afterwards. We order, we get our pizzas eventually - which weren’t that nice either - and that was more or less it. Customer service score -100, food somewhat edible, worth the money? Nope. Plenty of places to eat in Ayia napa just go elsewhere.Read more
Don’t normally write reviews but this was so poor feel compelled to do so. The good bit - food was ok. The rest - service was terrible, waiters ignored my wife when she wanted their attention, one starter arrived and then the next arrived with the pizzas. To cap it all we had pizza left so asked to take it away and the waiter brought us boxes to do it ourselves. Would give it a miss as there are far better places to eat in the area for about the same price.Read more