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Plain Vanilla

Plain Vanilla is an independent bakery that was founded with the intent to be a reminder of the contentment and goodness of a good old-fashioned piece of cake. Their methods are traditional and their bakes, familiar and comforting. Housed within the IN GOOD COMPANY Concept Store at ION, Plain Read More

2 Orchard Turn, #B1-06
Orchard Road
ION Orchard
+65 8363 7614
[email protected]

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Singapore 2020

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Recent Reviews
Visiting PV Ion has always been great and never disappoint me ~ food and cakes are always fresh and delicious . Staffs are friendly ,attentive and good service all round . Special shout out to Amanda & KK for their great service and always with a smile ! Highly recommended! Thanks :) Read more
Some, if not most cupcakes out there primarily rely on the frosting for flavor and sweetness. If you took out the frosting, most cake bases would taste pretty similar. PV's cake bases differentiate themselves as such i.e the spices/nutmeg in the Cinnamon Brown Sugar, the earl grey infusion in the Earl Grey Lavender. Neither the frosting nor cake outshine the other in this regard: they synergise beautifully for a rounded sweet treat every time. I didn't particularly enjoy the Carrot Cake cupcake, but it might appeal to diners with a penchant for stronger carrot/milder cream cheese. The Salted Caramel tart might do better with a dark chocolate base (that's mostly personal preference) but the salted caramel was actually salted, not merely sweet. So many iterations of salted caramel out there either come in a few lazy grains of salt in caramel, or just tastes like straight up caramel fudge. PV's stood out with a steady balanced infusion of saltiness in the caramel filling, just enough to counter the sweetness of the chocolate. Delicious. Had a cappuccino with a strong, nutty brew to go with the cakes. Even bought a packet of cinnamon butter biscuits to go after. PV's offerings may be on the pricier side, but every penny's worth it for this fan. I'm back almost every other week for my cinnamon/coffee fixes. And when I'm not, I'll be thinking bout' them.Read more
We tried Plain Vanilla Bakery (different ones) on three occasions and they were all excellent. The cupcakes and cakes are so fresh and the cold drinks are excellent.Read more
My favourite cupcakes are from hummingbird bakery in Notting hill. But I don’t live in London so getting there on a regular basis is a logistical challenge. Haha. BUT happiness can also be found where I live in Plain Vanilla cupcakes! They are just lovely. I’ve never tasted a better cupcake in this region. They excel in every flavour. Yes I’ve tried every flavour. My favourite, though, is vanilla bean! It’s a classic. If you’re in the area, have a cupcake and some coffee! And if you have space in your tummy, try the flourless chocolate cake. Delicious. Read more
Their staff at the Ion location needs a reorientation in customer service. I bought two cupcakes and decided to have one at the store and take the other home. When I had asked for a take home container, I was told that they didn’t have one and that it would be impossible to get one— the girl behind the counter gave me the cupcake in a measly brown paper bag. When I asked if they had any boxes, so said NO— and I thought that was impossible as a place that sells cupcakes as their main product!!! Eventually I found out (after pushing) that they did have boxes for two cupcakes and I asked for one. Now, both people behind the counter refused me (several times) saying I only had one cupcake— despite the fact that I had actually purchased two. She repeatedly said ‘you only have one’ and ‘it’s impossible’. I eventually succeeded after becoming very irritated and they finally gave me a box. All of this anguish for a box to take home something I paid for! Last I checked there is no rule against having some of your cupcakes at home. The cupcakes are ok, but this dumb, terrible service has left a bad taste in my mouth— I will probably not go back to plain vanilla.Read more