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Purani Dilli Dubai

  • Indian

Blending ingenuity with the culinary traditions of India’s rich past, Purani Dilli Dubai at Four Points by Sheraton, Downtown brings to life the most revered recipes from Delhi! With a keen focus on reviving authentic flavours, the dishes served here marry traditional flavours with popular ... More

Ground Level
Downtown Dubai
+971 50 211 6816
Purani Dilli Dubai

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  • Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai

    Downtown Dubai


Recent Reviews
Excellent food, friendly service and very helpful chef Gomma!! baby ouzi was the best I had in last few monthsMore
For the price, 99 dirham, it is fine, but barely. The buffet was decimated with the first round of people who went through the buffet- and it never recovered: it was just empty dishes, spilled food, and basically a food strewn disaster from the get-go. Add to that the HORDES of children grabbing food with their bare hands and one child walking the entire length of the buffet spitting on the floor every.single.step.he.took- well, it put me off the entire idea of ever eating here again. I am putting average, because honestly, what could they do? But it was a hands down poor experience as far as Iftar dinners go. But again, you get what you pay for and we paid for a decimated buffet and ill-behaved children touching everything in sight with their bare hands and spitting on the floor. The food, what there was, was ok. The juices were delicious. The servers were attentive and nice.More
We celebrated our Wedding anniversary with a buffet dinner. They surprised us with a special welcome drink for our anniversary. Luckily, the theme of the day was 'Curry nights' and the menu was totally Indian. A bit disappointed as there was only 1 Veg dish and a dhal, but it was compensated with other items. There was a live Kati roll counter, which was awesome. Dessert spread was the highlight. The grand finale was a kind gesture from the staff with a mini Chocolate mousse cake to end our day with sweet memories. Had a great time. Thank you guys!!!More
The selection was few but it had the essentials salads, soup, main course and desserts. Although the selection was few the food was tasty and I would say for the price its good.More
The Eatery is located on the Ground Floor of Four Points by Sheraton in Mankhool, Dubai. It has a nice, warm décor, and enough space between the tables to feel comfortable. The buffet is really good for Asian food lovers – talking of salads and mains. Prawn Curry and Umm Makai Paneer were truly great. The drawbacks are a lack of desserts and a shrill Bollywood music. Other than that, the restaurant is worth trying indeed.More