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Salmontini Le Resto

Salmontini Le Resto is a trendy, fine dining restaurant, staying true to its values and sparing no cost when it comes to quality and no end when it comes to service. Although Scottish salmon, smoked in their own smoking house Le Fumoir, remains the signature item, the restaurant also excels in Read More

The West End
Al Barsha
Mall of the Emirates
+971 4 341 0222
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Salmontini has been around for a really long time, yet I never got the opportunity to dine there till today. This is a really beautiful and elegant restaurant, with a fancy menu to go along with it. The menu offers soups, appetizers (with a particular focus on salmon), salads, mains, and an impressive sushi selection. Salmontini has a direct view of Ski Dubai- (though it was closed today in light of Dubai Municipality's restrictions due to Covid-19). It looked all so dark and gloomy; really unfortunate, sad & depressing! ☹ I was tended to by KYLE from South Africa. Kyle was a very good waiter, with a kind and gentle demeanor. GYN, another sweet waitress also catered to me very well. Service at Salmontini is superb, so kudos to KYLE and GYN for their suave professionalism. A complimentary basket of fresh, hot white and cereal French bread was served with creamy Isigny Ste Mere butter. I ordered the Lamb Chops with Rosemary Sauce, a mocktail called Blue Hawaii and the Melted Chocolate Dome for dessert. The lamb chops tasted good, but were over-cooked. I normally like my steaks/chops very well done, so I always stress that this should be clearly stated to the Chef to make sure that there's absolutely none of that 'rare, bloody' business with my meat. However, I also reiterate that while I like everything to be well done, I also don't want my food to be overcooked or burnt. Unfortunately, these chops were too well done. The char on the outside was pitch black. Even some parts on the bone of the chops had been burnt! Regardless, the chops tasted decent. They came with some creamy mashed potatoes, a ratatouille-like vegetable medley and a yummy rosemary gravy. I know that it's sort of a 'fine-line' for Chef's to walk when it comes to cooking meat to 'well done perfection', because they are so used to a rare/medium-rare cooking style; which most of the world's 'steak eating' population seem to favor. The Blue Hawaii mocktail is one of the most amazing mocktails I've ever had in my life! It was a mixture of pineapple juice, lychee juice, lime juice and coconut syrup. It was a very generous portion. I was very disappointed in the Melted Chocolate Dome! It just wasn't what I expected. The dome was filled with hard, bitter, crunchy chocolate-like biscuit pieces and vanilla ice-cream. It came with a hot chocolate sauce that was subsequently drizzled over the dome. When this sauce was poured onto the dome, it melted the whole damn thing, and the vanilla ice-cream evaporated before my very eyes! I had to scramble to scoop up pieces of the ice-cream before it melted into vanilla liquidy nothing! The ice-cream was nowhere to be found, much less tasted in this rather peculiar dessert! So I went from a solid and pretty spherical dessert, to a puddle of chocolatey mess in the blink of an eye! Never have I ever had a dessert that changed it's 'state of matter' in a 'matter' of seconds! 😄 The whole thing was rather odd. The hot chocolate sauce, (which was too bitter), overpowered everything. And to make 'matters' worse, this dessert didn't taste very good. Though I love chocolate, it was just waaayyyy too chocolatey for me! I wish Kyle had briefed me a little more about it, I would have gone for their creme brulee or chocolate fondant instead. Anyway, I enjoyed my experience at Salmontini and will not hold the semi-negative experience I had with the burnt lamb chops and the disappointing dessert against them. They seem to have a special focus on salmon, (perhaps hence the name 🤔), so I will definitely return and sample one of a variety of the salmons on offer, as well as the sushi. I'm sure those will taste a lot better than my overdone lamb chops! I will strongly recommend Salmontini for their posh, varied menu and spectacular service! 👍🏽Read more
Knew about this restaurant by surprise and went there for lunch. Food is really delicious. Service really good and very friendly. They serve alcohol as well, so a nice salmon will Be very good with a Glass of white wine.Read more
The setting is great ,watching the Skiing at Mall of the emirates in dubai, dreaming one is in the Alps The salmon should be good but not so, the humus and other Lebanese is better The restaurant owner and chefs (from Lebanon) so understandable, but why not improve the salmon too?Read more
If you’re at the mall of emirates, you have to try salmontini, their food is amazing, especially the crunchy tuna salad it’s a must ! Very good service, super friendly staff and a beautiful view of ski Dubai, amazing experience 👍🏻Read more
One of the best places to dine in MOE. Friendly polite service. Food is very good all times we tried. Octopus salad for starters is very tasty and good portion. Lentil salad and green salads not so good. For mains very good choices: the duck, the chilean sea bass, the lamp chops, the cod. Read more