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Second Draft

Second Draft is a friendly new space in Tai Hang. It is perfect for the community to congregate, socialise or simply spend their day ... More

98 Tung Lo Wan Road
Tai Hang
+852 2656 0232
Second Draft

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  • Tai Hang

    Tai Hang


Recent Reviews
2nd Draft recently relocated to Fashion Walk in Causeway, sharing prime real estate alongside Little Bao, facing Victoria Park. This is a great taproom run by local brewer Young Master Brewery, offering up 20+ of their own draught beers as well as a handful of our other local breweries as well. Opening hours at their new place 3pm to 12am (weekdays) and 12pm to 12am (weekends). They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Prices are what you expect, they have some nice beers. I am fan of the Young Master stouts. In my honest opinion, they brew the best dark beers in Hong Kong and its not really close. You can order food from their gastropub style menu as well, a nice range of bar style snack foods along with a few mains. Note: Interestingly, with the move to Fashion Walk, 2nd Draft is now sharing premise space with Little Bao, where you can enjoy a delicious locally created bao sandwich, then make way to 2nd Draft for a couple rounds of great local beer. Just a perfect.More
Apparently this place is all about the beer. I went with friends who were keen to try the large range of local craft beers on tap. I was more drawn to the food and couldn't help but notice the bar snacks and small plates being brought to other tables – they looked really good. We had a booking elsewhere for dinner and had just stopped by for a drink but next time, I’d plan to stay here longer and order food also. It was a large, airy, open space with a beer hall or tap house feel about it and lots of seating so it was a very easy place to go with a group. We were there on a weekend, but they do a 20% happy hour from 4-8pm, Mon-Fridays.More
Came for the fries, and was definitely not disappointed! Tried several snacks, all were so tasty, full of spices which I love. The fries were perfectly fried, and special mention to the edamole which was so fresh and yummy! Environnement was also great, so many beers to choose from and very nice decoration. Will definitely be back! More
Second Draft is a contemporary gastropub found along Tung Lo Wan Road next to the Little Tai Hang hotel in Tai Hang. It is open from 2pm to 10pm (weekends) and 12pm to 10pm (weekends) and offers up over 30 draught beers, a focused menu and nice environs for a round of drinks or meal. We recently spent a weekend in Tai Hang and enjoyed an evening visit to Second Draft, sampling a couple of the stouts they had on offer, both of which were very good, worth reordering. The lady behind the counter was knowledgeable and did a nice job explaining the stouts as well. We also found their fries w/ chilli to be just fine and their Reuben sandwich to be pretty good. The Reuben had more sauce than we would have preferred but it was prepared well and tasted really nice, worth reordering. Overall, we were very pleased with our recent visit to Second Draft. Would happily return for another round or two of beers and to try other food items on their menu. This is a neat place in Tai Hang, one of the best gastropubs offering local and foreign craft beers and we have tried in recent years! It is worth making time to find if your in the area and in the mood.More
I was actually really looking forward to my visit at Second Draft but it wasn’t really what I expected... When I asked at the door just to have a drink the person serving me muttered something along the lines of ‘maybe have a snack too’ which I thought was a bit odd, but after waiting a while for my order to be taken they allowed me to just have a beer. When I finished my drink, the glass was taken away but the server didn’t ask whether I wanted anything else or the bill or anything. The service in general was just quite cold and really not inviting. When I paid for the bill, I paid it exactly (the cost of the beer + service charge) and then I was told by the server ‘we usually round up’. I’m not sure if this is a normal HK thing & I’ve not come across it before or what but I thought it was so strange. If you want me to pay more, why don’t you put it on the bill? Why do you sound peeved that I’ve paid the bill exactly which includes the service charge? So I offered a HK$500 bill as I had no smaller change to which they said ‘don’t worry’. I know what it’s like to work in hospitality as I’ve done it for a while & I can imagine it’s really tough during a pandemic but... I just feel really disappointed with my visit, I felt like the staff were a bit rude and I don’t think I’d want to go back, which is crap because the beers are so good :(More