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Today, the Subway® brand is the world's largest quick-service restaurant chain. We've become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. From the beginning, Fred has had a clear vision for the future of the Subway® brand. As we continue to grow, Read More

Anexartisias Street 181
+357 25 254 060
[email protected]

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Cyprus 2020

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  • Estimated savings AED 20
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
Dissapointing customer service! A girl named Stacy (If I heard good) is totally unexperienced with customer service. She was talking on the phone.. She doesnt look at the customers when they are ordering..she does other things while they are talking to her, she talks with no respect and I had to say 3 times every sentence so she could hear me! Just awful service!Read more
We ordered delivery for italian bmt and spicy italian. Delivery took an hour. This is the condition of the sandwich. Is this the sandwich? Would you eat it? Is this 8 euro? Just throw it away. No worth to do this businessRead more
We all know the name... we all know the sandwich. Mine is a BMT, any day, any time - all I need to decide is whether I want it hot or cold. The staff know me so they are very happy to remind me how I take it - I like this !!!Read more
The staff are usually very chirpy and friendly but... the girl on the lunch shift today was obviously feeling inconvenienced by the customers requesting their food, even more so when one of the young girls in the queue asked for extra mayo. I've seen this member of staff many times over the past few weeks and she never looks happy or eager to please - lots of sighs and shrugs. Maybe she should learn to play the accordion or something ?Read more
Who doesn't know what Subway is ? You'll get the usual helpful, warm welcome here. I always ask for extra olives and pickles - alledgedly, they are not allowed to refuse your request for any extra standard salad items !!! Nothing to complain about at all... and only 2.50 to boot.Read more