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The Clipper

The Clipper is named after Dumbarton’s significant contribution to transatlantic shipping. They provide live sports, fresh food, delightful drinks and great background music. On the weekends, this contemporary venue transforms into a vibrant pre-club bar renowned for its excellent cocktails. Read More

3 High Street, Dumbarton, G82 1LF
+44 1389 731981
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Been probably about 6 months or so since we've been in and oh how it has changed. The lovely open fire has gone. Too many pointless TVs ( can't hear because of the music) and the food and cocktails are no more than adequate. Pizza base very doughy. Used to have a decent menu...not now. Watched 2 different bartenders make basic cocktails which failed to fill glass.even after trying to reshake pineapple juice to create foam they still failed to fill glass. Saw one customer bring their cocktails back and still the bar staff got it wrong. How things have changed...we learned to make cocktails here in one of their cocktail masterclasses...would not order one now. Very disappointed. No wonder it was quiet on a Saturday night.Read more
Another brilliant meal at the Clipper. The food is spectacular as is the service. Can’t recommend this place enough. Read more
In the past the Clipper was always a busy local favourite for delicious food and friendly customer service, however on a recent visit I'm sorry to say myself and my friends left disappointed. It's sad to see the deterioration over the past few years with the decor inside the building, it doesn't have the same modern vibe and spec it used to. Old couches, dodgy polished floors and inconsistent attention to visual details make the environment less 'up market' than the drink prices imply. We were greeted and served by a very friendly gent who gave us great recommendations on what to try as the Menu had changed since I last visited. After much consideration we ordered and were all looking forward to what we anticipated to be another tasty and delicious meal. For starters we ordered Chilli and Garlic Prawns, Meatballs and BBQ ribs. The sauce for the Prawns and Meatballs was almost identical with there being a subtle hint of chilli for the prawns. It lacked depth of flavour, and it tasted like basic seasoning had been replaced with just anniseed. The meatballs were not rich or marinaded as you would expect from a marinara sauce, and the meat itself was dry and tough. The BBQ ribs were the best out of the 3 with a good sauce and soft meat. For our mains we shared a Salt and Chilli Chicken Pizza - the toppings were good but sadly the base was burned black underneath half of the pizza. We also ordered Sriracha chicken Macaroni - Which was bland with just plain chicken and had no Sriracha sauce so we had to add our own. The pasta was going towards being over cooked, and the cheese sauce started to curdle and separate after it had been sitting for a while. We also ordered a side of Pulled Pork Fries and Cajun Fries - the Cajun fries were good however the Pulled Pork Fries were missing a few finishing touches and looked like they had just been flung together with no thought of presentation. This was a recourring theme as all of the plates came out lacking visual appeal and attention to detail. We also ordered a kids Cheese Pizza which was a bit 'too cheesy' by the 6 year olds standards, and a Sticky Toffee Pudding which did get a good thumbs up! Overall the consensus was it was not the quality of the food itself but it was a low standard as to how it was prepared and put together which didn't live up to expectations. With the exception of great customer service from Gary the Manager I must say on this occasion I did not enjoy my overall experience. Its especially disappoiing when you have great expectations from an establishment based on previous good experiences. I would always recommend The Clipper to friends and family, however based on this experience and the continued deterioration of standards It would no longer be my first choice.Read more
Amazing service, great food. Got two pasta mains and twos sides with my cousin and a bottle of rose wine on the Thursday 26th Sept. Will be back next week before I leave for Australia. Read more
Staff were excellent, friendly and attentive. Good menu, prices. DJ later in night. Great night, highly recommended. Read more