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The Mdina Experience

Take an unforgettable 30 minutes to experience Mdina’s fascinating journey through time. Relive Mdina’s 7,000 years of tragedy and triumph. The cult of the mother goddess, the shipwreck of St. Paul and the medieval city half destroyed by an earthquake and gloriously rebuilt, Mdina defended by Read More

7, Mesquita Square
+356 2145 0055
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Recent Reviews
This was a really good experience, starting with a very informative film which takes us through the years from the beginning of the first inhabitants of the islands. A must when in Mdina. My only comment is that the commentary is not in English but in American as so the pronunciation of some words left us baffled as to what he was trying to say. Can you please redo this commentary using a proper English, well enunciated voice not a lazy, uneducated drawl which the Americans use. The cafe/restaurant downstairs is quaintly decorated and showed the age of the building. One could imagine knight living there! The staff are delightful.Read more
a pleasing experience and not experience 30 video which was very informative the english version was clear and i found lots of knowledge but be aware this is advertised as with the knights of Malta show two separate events and two entry fees Read more
As someone who often struggles to learn and retain information from educational experiences abroad (such as tours), I will say that having something that clearly and chronologically lays out the history of Mdina the way that The Mdina Experience does is quite helpful. The film gets right to the point while avoiding some of the inconveniences that a more traditional tour might have (like noises from traffic drowning out the commentary from a walking tour guide, or a million different distractions from the city around you). It is chock full of information despite being just 30 mins long (so not super time-consuming if you are visiting Mdina on a tight schedule). There is also a very comfortable cafe on the floor below the theatre where you can sit and have a light meal before the show, which was a nice touch. During the show, the headset (which plays a selection of translations of the film in many different languages) on the seat that I originally chose to sit in was not working. When I reported the malfunction, the staff not only addressed it immediately, but they very kindly allowed me to re-watch the film at no additional charge! Thank you for everything!Read more
It is pretty straightforward, definitely not art-film quality, but quite useful to get your bearings! Read more
This was my first experience here, that 30minutes audio visual show took me to a different level of experience by showing disaster, battle and as well as the triumphant situation of this magnificent city :) Fell in love with the coffeeshop on the first floor which has a beautiful ambience and serving delicious typical maltese platter and drinks. I would say a very Good place to chill out with friends.Read more