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Wahooo! Waterpark in Bahrain is the region's first climate-controlled, indoor and outdoor waterpark. Among the many attractions is the exciting Flowrider, one of the world's largest full-size surfing machines, a relaxing wave pool, lazy river, black hole and rain fortress. The outdoor area is the Read More

2nd Level
Bahrain City Centre
+973 1717 3000

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Bahrain 2018

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Recent Reviews
Situated on the top floor of City Centre Mall, Wahooo is a indoor and outdoor ‘water park’ that has several slides and small pools. We visited on the first day of Eid and it was surprisingly quiet. Here’s my summary: The good: Fantastic slides for the kids (a few larger slides too) Multi slide rides meaning 2+ people can ride simultaneously or race Electronic wristbands that operate lockers and can be charged with credit for the cafe Outdoor area including small pool and a few slides Excellent location inside the mall Life jackets available around the park for unconfident swimmers Wave pool Kids (aged 7) absolutely loved it Very discrete smoking area completely away from anything Sun loungers outside Large cubicles in Changing rooms Water park itself generally very clean The bad: People using slide splash pools to enter the lazy river or hanging around for unnecessary amounts of time and not being moved out by lifeguards Small outdoor pool meant even on a quiet day, loads of people were sat bathing in the pool, mostly around the steps out which make things a little awkward (would hate to see it on a busy day) Changing rooms were very clean when we entered (2:30pm) but not very pleasant when we left (6pm) with hair all over the floor and in need of a good hose down The summary: Bordering too expensive for what it is, I’d recommend this if you have children under 10. Don’t compare it to the bigger parks around the gulf, think of it as more of a splash park with a few small pools and slides thrown in. However, the fantastic, convenient location is the real selling point. So if you’re prepared to fork out, the kids will have a great time! Read more
Very nice indoor water park , its clean and nice for kids most of the rides sutible 4 kids , and the good thing it's indoor since it's very hot outsideRead more
I was in a vacation at that time last 13th of August 2018. Me and my gf decided to spend my birthday and have a swim in wahoo. We enjoyed our getaway there. Suddenly,my wristband failed to open our locker and we ask the security assistance if they could open it for us. It was around 5:30pm I think. One security from India (if I am not mistaken) approach us and took both our wristband and tried to open the locker but it was not working. He returned back the wristband of my gf since it was not the one which was registered to access the locker since I used my wristband for it. He brought with him my wristband and when he came back he have with him a card and ask us what are the items inside the locker and we explained him what was inside of it and he successfully opened the locker. I don't remember that he handed me back my wristband. Me and my gf fix our self and took a shower in each toilet of wahoo and when we finished we was on our way to go outside of the wahoo until on our way out, one of the security vdestroyed it. Since, It was our first time to visit the place, we don't know the system yet and we was not thinking about the wristband that it needs to be returned back after. On our way out, one of the lady guard from Philippined ask my gf telling 'Ma'am,where is your wristband? ' my gf said ''i don't know'' and that lady guard said '' u must to pay 2bd for that if you lose it". My gf told me about it that if we won't be able to give it back we must pay 2bd for each wristband since it is according to wahoo policy , so we tried to find it.. my gf was able to find her wristband but I was not able to find it and also I don't remember that that Indian security gave it back to me . So,I told him that it was with u... And I explained him that he assisted us before to open the locker but he forget to give back the wristband back to me. He was insisting the he gave it back to me, and I also stand for my part that I guarantee him that he didn't gave it with me. He didn't even realize that his voice was getting loud and that triggers me to add volume with my voice . The security even told me in a sarcastic manner ''there is CCTV,we can check and u can see that I gave it back to u'' so I told him,okay check CCTV.. and that security guard answered me in a sarcastic manner again telling me that ''okay,if we check in camera and I gave it back to you ,then you must to pay me double for taking my time,for loosing my time'' for this,I understand 2bd or 4bd is too small amount. But it is not about the money which I need to pay if ever... I can even triple it . But,it was about the attitude which your staff had showed me and my gf how he handles the situation was so rude. At that time,when my gf heared it. She got so,upset and ask him,is that the kind of hospitality you are giving to your customer here??? After that, one guy from that counter he was wearing white shirt approach us. I explained him everything that that security was telling me that he returned back the wristband which is missing as I don't remember that he even gave it to me. So,that gentleman wearing white said,we will check the CCTV. So,me and my gf waited outside . And with disappointments that gentleman who was wearing the white shirt told me that ''we didn't check the camera,but we will let you to pass'' I even ask him to call the person whom I can spoke into to fix and check if that security really handed me the wirstband but he don't want me to talk to the authorized person for this . I am not stupid. I am 100 % sure that they did check the camera. If I was wrong,I will pay,I don't have any issues. But how your staff treated us was really such a disappointment. Now,I wanted to bring this up to the management,so that this kind of scenario won't happen again nextime... Your security needs a lot of training when handling a guest. I hope,that you will investigate this things,as I am really upset about the said scenario as I was on my vacation at that time.Read more
The children enjoyed playing at wahoo , they want to go everyday if it is up to them, unfortunately the weather was windy and the outside yard was closed.Read more
Living in Bahrain for last many years, we always visit the park once every summer. The children of all ages simply love the place. Even my wife and I enjoy the water rides. There are life guards everywhere so you feel your children are by and large safe. The best thing about Wahoo is that its situated within the mall, so you can have food or pick up stuff on the way back, if you wish. Although there are some decent fast food shops inside as well. Wahoo is located in a place which is within 20 to 30 minutes from any place in Bahrain. Read more