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XLine Dubai Marina

XLINE DUBAI MARINA by XLine Dubai is the world's longest urban zipline and the only zipline inside the city! It is ranked as one of the top attractions in Dubai due to its convenient location and of course, the thrill of this once in a lifetime experience. Thrill-seekers can go on an adventure by ... More

P Level, Opposite Virgin Megastore
Dubai Marina
+971 56 507 6366
XLine Dubai Marina

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  • XLine Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina


Recent Reviews
Literally one of the greatest things I’ve ever done! I went on the zipline on my birthday (22 August) and it was the most exhilarating experience! The staff were excellent & helpful. Booking was straightforward. The scariest part was everything before the zipline takeoff (travelling up to the top of the building, looking down from the roof etc), once I was released and on the move, it was absolutely magical with stunning views. I can’t recommend this experience enough. It’s a once in a lifetime moment and 100% worth doing.More
Such a fun adrenaline rush! Was happy to have done it with some friends. Definitely worth it. A bit scary but not too bad at all. You will enjoy it. Definitely book early - especially if you have multiple people that want to do it. The online booking is a bit cumbersome and hard to book for multiples - so book early to get your time slots. Very well run once you arrive and smooth sailing from there! Enjoy!More
Just an amazing experience! the only bad think it is that is too quickly. The staff are very nice people and the post service was really fast to deliver the materialMore
I'm so glad I tried this! I was very scared in the beginning but it was one of the best experiences in my life!More
Can’t say anything but our booking has been cancelled one day before the event, which destroyed our whole plan. Of course they say it’s out of their control 🥱 Excuses only. More