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صالون بيلا للتجميل

4.6 (based on 12717 people)

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صالون وسبا بيلا للتجميل هو وجهتك المثالية للاسترخاء وتجديد النشاط والتألق من جديد بأفضل ما لديك. نقدم خدمات استثنائية مثل علاجات الهيدرا للوجه، والمكياج الدائم، وجميع علاجات التجميل تحت سقف واحد. ... المزيد من منتجات


تخيل اكتر من ٤٥٠ براند من المطاعم والملابس وأماكن الترفيهه بيقدمولك مئات العروض تستمتع بيهم طول السنة. فرصة تشارك اللي بتحبهم في ذكريات جديدة تبدأها مع ابليكيشن The Entertainer مع عروض اشتري ١ تحصل على ١ مجاناً. وكمان تخفيضات توفرلك تجارب مميزة في الفنادق ومراكز الـSpa والتدليك. كل اللي نفسك فيه وأكترمع The Entertainer ده وقته.

العروض المتاحة...

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض قصة شعر مجاني عند شراء عرض قصة شعر بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض مانيكير أو باديكير مجاني عند شراء عرض مانيكير أو باديكير بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض تسريحة شعر مجاني عند شراء عرض تسريحة شعر بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

Ehab Badawood
Ehab Badawood (3 weeks ago )
The Hotel staff needs more training. They have to describe to you how to reach the room they assigned you. Explain the facilities and restaurant location for the breakfast. I mean they should be more welcoming. The rooms are big but need more cleaning to remove the dust around the corners. The beautiful and spectacular architecture of the hotel. The breakfast is nice and fresh. quite at night compared to other hotels in Cairo Downtown. I had an online order, but unfortunately, the hotel did not receive it on my behalf. you will have to walk to the gate and pick it up yourself. Not flexible with check out time you have to leave the room at 12 PM sharp. No supermarket close to the hotel. VERY important that they make the hotel wheelchair and stroller-friendly. Not enough ramps between buildings as the concierge needs to lift the cart to transport luggage to the rooms !!
Marta Cosme
Marta Cosme (2 months ago )
Amazing hotel! I highly recommend, great value also. The staff is very friendly, the rooms are big and have the comfiest beds, room service is affordable and available at all times. The hotel is huge, you can go from one place to the other using free golf carts. The restaurants inside are really good and affordable.
Amin Salem
Amin Salem (2 months ago )
Great venue for weddings, we thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor setting. The check-in process was painful and delayed without a reason, lots of guests were waiting to check in, only one or two untrained, stressed receptionists were trying but they were delayed by the large number of guests and thier limited ability (due to lack of training) to facilitate the check in process smoothly. More training and staff are needed. Rooms are below average for a 5 stars Hotel.
Ahmed EL Desouky
Ahmed EL Desouky (4 months ago )
The place is so clean. You need a cart to move around as the landscape is vast. The place is good for photo sessions and weddings. You will feel good vibes there. I recommend the place. The food was also amazing and delicious. You can choose between indoors or outdoors activities.
Magi Magi
Magi Magi (3 months ago )
We only used the private beach. Great service. Beautiful location. And the meal was incredible. Well worth the value. Even though we were not guests of the hotels, we were treated just like we were. Would definitely come back.