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رافا للترفيه

4.4 (based on 6826 people)

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«هابي كار» (Happy Car ... المزيد من منتجات


تخيل اكتر من ٤٥٠ براند من المطاعم والملابس وأماكن الترفيهه بيقدمولك مئات العروض تستمتع بيهم طول السنة. فرصة تشارك اللي بتحبهم في ذكريات جديدة تبدأها مع ابليكيشن The Entertainer مع عروض اشتري ١ تحصل على ١ مجاناً. وكمان تخفيضات توفرلك تجارب مميزة في الفنادق ومراكز الـSpa والتدليك. كل اللي نفسك فيه وأكترمع The Entertainer ده وقته.

العروض المتاحة...

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض جولة مجاني عند شراء عرض جولة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض جولة مجاني عند شراء عرض جولة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض جولة مجاني عند شراء عرض جولة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

Farida Hussein
Farida Hussein (3 months ago )
It’s a really nice place to go, but in Weekdays. It was crowded, but really nice. In my opinion, I think they should have more play places because the bowling is always really crowded. But it was nice. I have more pictures, but I won’t put it. I also went on a ride, It was black and it goes 360. It was fun and it has different speeds. They also open the new mini golf place. It’s a really nice mall and it has vending machines and cotton candy vending machines and it has power wheels cars that you could rent. .And that’s all! I totally recommend this mall. Have fun and good bye!
Sameh Al Ban'na
Sameh Al Ban'na (9 months ago )
Has a variety of mixed outlets: restaurants, cafes, grocery, events and places to keep your kids having fun while shopping. Arcade and bowling lanes at Inlanes entertainment center is recommended for adults, too A good shopping hub in the center of New Cairo.
nadine mohamed
nadine mohamed (a year ago )
Really big new idea rather than malls. Everything is perfect but the cleaner in the toilet is really disrespectful towards kids treats adults so differently . She kicked out kids to clean and the adults are the only ones who can stay.
Lobna and lemar Ashraf khalil
Lobna and lemar Ashraf khalil (2 months ago )
its good for friends and families too there are many restaurants and cinema i went 10 in the morning and its not busy in this time and the ticket of normal cinema in this time of day is soo good but not all the restaurants and stores open in this time but the place is good
Ahmed Aly
Ahmed Aly (11 months ago )
The Mall is very clean and organized and has lots of open areas, krispy kreme and starbucks are here. Very well made