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Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

5 (based on 871 people)

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a splendid resort on an exclusive, romantic Emboodhu Finolhu island. Each of the resort’s luxuriously appointed villas is perched over the lagoon or beachside with oversized plunge pools, sunbeds and endless views of the ... المزيد من منتجات

إنترتينر دبي 2024

اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروض 2024 بدءًا من اليوم!
أكثر من 7,000 عرض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجاناً للمطاعم المميزة، والمطاعم الغير رسمية، والبارات، والبرانشات، والكافيهات، والتوصيل، وأماكن التسلية والترفيه، ودور السبا، والصالونات، والصالات الرياضية، وأكثر عبر دبي والإمارات الشمالية.​ كل العروض سارية 7 أيام في الإسبوع* حتى تستمتع بها وقتما تحب!

ما تحتاج إلى معرفته…

  • جميع العروض صالحة حتى 30 ديسمبر 2024.
  • اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروضك اعتبارًا من اليوم.
  • يشمل إنترتينر دبي2024  الآن جميع المطاعم المميزة
  • تشمل الأماكن الجديدة لعام 2024 تي جي آي فرايديز، كارلتشوز، بلاك تاب، ذا ميت آند كو، وايلد وادي، موشن جيت دبي، والمزيد.
  • عودة برانشات المفضلة - آسيا آسيا، وكويو، واس تي كيه، وغيرها الكثير - جميعها بعروض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجانًا!
  • يشمل الوصول إلى عروض اشتر ليلة واحصل على ليلة مجانًا في 150  فندق حول العالم
  • يمكنك مشاركة تطبيق إنترتينر الخاص بك مع ما يصل إلى 3 من الأصدقاء والعائلة.
  • يمكنك إرسال ما يصل إلى 20 عرضًا لأي شخص وتلقي عروض غير محدودة من الآخرين.
  • في المتوسط، وفّر أعضائنا أكثر من 3,425 د.إ. في آخر 12 شهرًا.

العروض المتاحة...
عرض الحزمة

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عرض الحزمة

نحن ندعوك للاستمتاع بـ: Total Package Rate: From USD600 per night .

pratima (a month ago )
Had the best experience , the staff is more than hospitable , they become like family . It was my birthday, they made it so special. The food was beyond perfect and the rooms n view are to die for. I actually felt homesick leaving the hotel. Will definitely come back again.
rik sharma
rik sharma (4 weeks ago )
Amazing hotel with even more amazing staff. The resort is fantastic with beautiful views over the Indian Ocean. We stayed 10 days and the staff could not have been more helpful or courteous.
Shorav Kasera
Shorav Kasera (5 months ago )
One of the best resorts I have stayed in. The place is awesome in its natural beauty, the resort itself is elegant and beautiful in an old world way, aging but well-maintained. What makes this resort a class apart are the people and their service with a smile attitude. i didn't hear a no or see a frown from anyone, no matter the time or the odd request we made. The team deserves accolades and more for showing us travellers what to expect from a world class resort. l may not return here but you all are a part of my cherished memories forever.
Bhaumik Patel
Bhaumik Patel (a week ago )
The hotel is really old so not that good quality. The service was excellent the food is also really good. The location is not so good as it's close to the mail male island so you don't feel like a remote location
Branding Doctors
Branding Doctors (4 months ago )
This one incident ruined our last day at the resort. I had terrible stomach upset from the food I had at the dinner. The reason we booked this hotel is because, we get not only to enjoy a great hospitality what Taj stands for, but also the fact that we need not worry about food safety. During the stay we observed a few food handling issues. Despite of us informing the staff well in advance about food allergies of our kids, the staff repeatedly brought in foods that they were allergic to. If it wasn’t for my ever vigilant wife, the entire experience would have ended in a nightmare. However, on the last day I fell terribly sick from stomach upset and had to spend sleep less night in the toilet. This was ever so worrying as I have to travel the following day with a family of five. The hotel staff and doctor was supportive enough and gave me some medicine. However , there was no apologies from the hotel side and no incident report taken from the hotel nor the restaurant side, which I found was very strange and left me with a bad taste. Lesson learned: never take food safety lightly even if you are in a luxury resort.