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فندق شانغريلا قرية البري، أبوظبي

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إنترتينر دبي 2024

اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروض 2024 بدءًا من اليوم!
أكثر من 7,000 عرض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجاناً للمطاعم المميزة، والمطاعم الغير رسمية، والبارات، والبرانشات، والكافيهات، والتوصيل، وأماكن التسلية والترفيه، ودور السبا، والصالونات، والصالات الرياضية، وأكثر عبر دبي والإمارات الشمالية.​ كل العروض سارية 7 أيام في الإسبوع* حتى تستمتع بها وقتما تحب!

ما تحتاج إلى معرفته…

  • جميع العروض صالحة حتى 30 ديسمبر 2024.
  • اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروضك اعتبارًا من اليوم.
  • يشمل إنترتينر دبي2024  الآن جميع المطاعم المميزة
  • تشمل الأماكن الجديدة لعام 2024 تي جي آي فرايديز، كارلتشوز، بلاك تاب، ذا ميت آند كو، وايلد وادي، موشن جيت دبي، والمزيد.
  • عودة برانشات المفضلة - آسيا آسيا، وكويو، واس تي كيه، وغيرها الكثير - جميعها بعروض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجانًا!
  • يشمل الوصول إلى عروض اشتر ليلة واحصل على ليلة مجانًا في 150  فندق حول العالم
  • يمكنك مشاركة تطبيق إنترتينر الخاص بك مع ما يصل إلى 3 من الأصدقاء والعائلة.
  • يمكنك إرسال ما يصل إلى 20 عرضًا لأي شخص وتلقي عروض غير محدودة من الآخرين.
  • في المتوسط، وفّر أعضائنا أكثر من 3,425 د.إ. في آخر 12 شهرًا.

العروض المتاحة...
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عرض الحزمة

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Urs Humm
Urs Humm (a month ago )
We enjoyed excellent 3 days in this hotel. The room was great, the food excellent and especially all the employees were fulfilling all wishes and were super kind. Of course also the pool and beach very great placed to relaxI. It could not have been better and we will return soon.
A B (a month ago )
We just enjoyed a wonderful 4 day holiday here on the way home from Singapore. Our first stay at a Shangi La and we were more than impressed. Beautiful large rooms. Wonderful location with mosque views, fabulous infinity pool and really great service! Highly recommend!
S H (4 months ago )
Such a beautiful hotel. The decor has an old charm, but makes the hotel so cozy. The staff are so friendly and accommodating, helpful whenever we had problems or questions. We had a garden room which opened out onto the smaller pool and beach, and a lovely little outdoor space. The room was big and the bathroom suite was great. The facilities at the hotel were amazing, with a health club, souk and the Abra boat, which we did on our last night. Food was great and plenty of seating inside and outside. The location was amazing for us. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a 25 min drive from the centre, however there is a new leisure complex a few minutes walk away for amazing food, drinks and various leisure facilities. Great for families and couples wanting a quieter retreat!
Neil Heaton
Neil Heaton (3 months ago )
The hotel is a typical Shangri-La, delivers all you would expect, the hotel is well designed and maintained and provides a relaxing environment. The rooms are really comfortable with nice views out. The staff are really friendly and helpful and always have a smile, the housekeeping staff are very efficient and very polite. The hotel is very good and well worth a stay
Usman Javed
Usman Javed (2 months ago )
This is our favorite resort. As a family who loves staycations; we have been a lot of beach resorts, but the service level, courtesy of staff, fantastic food and great layout of this hotel makes it the best resort for us! Definitely our family favorite!