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جراند حياة دبي

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يقع فندق جراند حياة دبي في مكان شاهق بشكل رائع على حافة خور دبي التاريخي أو يطل على أفق دبي الرائع، ويوفر الراحة والاسترخاء. ويضم 682 ... المزيد من منتجات

إنترتينر دبي 2024

اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروض 2024 بدءًا من اليوم!
أكثر من 7,000 عرض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجاناً للمطاعم المميزة، والمطاعم الغير رسمية، والبارات، والبرانشات، والكافيهات، والتوصيل، وأماكن التسلية والترفيه، ودور السبا، والصالونات، والصالات الرياضية، وأكثر عبر دبي والإمارات الشمالية.​ كل العروض سارية 7 أيام في الإسبوع* حتى تستمتع بها وقتما تحب!

ما تحتاج إلى معرفته…

  • جميع العروض صالحة حتى 30 ديسمبر 2024.
  • اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروضك اعتبارًا من اليوم.
  • يشمل إنترتينر دبي2024  الآن جميع المطاعم المميزة
  • تشمل الأماكن الجديدة لعام 2024 تي جي آي فرايديز، كارلتشوز، بلاك تاب، ذا ميت آند كو، وايلد وادي، موشن جيت دبي، والمزيد.
  • عودة برانشات المفضلة - آسيا آسيا، وكويو، واس تي كيه، وغيرها الكثير - جميعها بعروض اشتر واحد واحصل على واحد مجانًا!
  • يشمل الوصول إلى عروض اشتر ليلة واحصل على ليلة مجانًا في 150  فندق حول العالم
  • يمكنك مشاركة تطبيق إنترتينر الخاص بك مع ما يصل إلى 3 من الأصدقاء والعائلة.
  • يمكنك إرسال ما يصل إلى 20 عرضًا لأي شخص وتلقي عروض غير محدودة من الآخرين.
  • في المتوسط، وفّر أعضائنا أكثر من 3,425 د.إ. في آخر 12 شهرًا.

العروض المتاحة...

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض ليلة واحدة في غرفة مجاني عند شراء عرض ليلة واحدة في غرفة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.
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عرض الحزمة

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ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض ليلة واحدة في غرفة مجاني عند شراء عرض ليلة واحدة في غرفة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker (2 weeks ago )
Absolutely loved it. The staff was amazing, and the facility was worthy of the Grand Hyatt nameplate. We felt pampered and enjoyed every minute. Almost didn't want to explore the city because the hotel was so nice. The location is also a plus as it's easy access to the airport, but also not far from the thick of the city.
Wayfaring Music
Wayfaring Music (a week ago )
We wish we never would've gone. Yes, the hotel in of itself looks great and all, no complaints here. BUT there were drilling and hammering going on early in the morning and during hours on end for all of the give days we were there. We talked to the manager, owner and a bunch people who said they'd do something about it and compensate us, but nothing. The owner said "well why wasn't I told earlier?", as if it was our fault the reception hadn't let him known. Every time they said they'd compensate us, but every day no result until the last time when we had to leave, they said they'd contact us with a solution. It's now been a few days and still nothing. When we contact them, every person just says "I'm not responsable but I'll let the manager know".... Just to be clear, the people working on the floor are amazing 🤩 our complaint is with the higher ups who do everything to not take responsibility. If there are renovations going on in the hotel itself, they should've let us know before going there and we would've chosen another hotel. They can't say "we didn't know" because how can you not know what's going on in your hotel, and if they did know, why weren't the guests informed beforehand? Makes no sense. If they didn't inform their guests about this, then what more information could they withhold?
Francois Guichard
Francois Guichard (3 weeks ago )
I enjoyed this hotel. It is close to the airport (which was one of our criteria, as we landed very late) and rather close to downtown (Dubai mall) and the creek. It has a nice pool and a few restaurants. We booked it with half board. The breakfast is nice. The lunch/diner buffet is fine. It is very good in its price range. The rooms with view on the garden are big. There are nicer 5 stars hotel on the palm etc. But not in this price range.
Sharon Soraya
Sharon Soraya (3 weeks ago )
12 years ago, I came here for the first time. And I had never seen such a beautiful hotel. The entrance is still beautiful. But the rooms are quite old. I still like the hotel but it has become less in terms of service. The reception at the front desk was not very friendly and poorly understood English. Also she saw that we were with a child and still we got a smoking room. I didn't feel like complaining we were only there for 3 days this time. Breakfast is ridiculously pricey. So we had a nice breakfast at the croissant joint that is in the hotel. Also, we were not aware that the pool was under renovation. I do think this was really needed. I hope they will also do something about the elevators and rooms. You can easily park there and the Valet service is good. I did find the drone of the Oktoberfest loud. But well you know this is there and you can hear some of it. The food at the pool is good and so is the service at the pool. It is no do to eat by the pool. Because of the renovation, it is full of flies. And the beds are also not as comfortable as before.
Thivakar Manoharan
Thivakar Manoharan (a month ago )
Very good hotel. Perfect from the location, facilities and also the staff. Everyone took care of us all around. Our daughter was sick in between. Everyone asked about her, offered support, brought over fruits and gifts. Both the staff from housekeeping, F&B, management all were very polite and treated us special guests! Highly recommended!