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Next Wellness Club

4.6 (based on 228 people)

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Next Wellness Club is a distinctive spa with a distinct view of Al-Khobar Beach. It features a special device for water massage that relaxes the entire body ... المزيد من منتجات

إنترتينر الخليج 2024

اشتر الآن واحصل على 13 شهر بسعر 12
أكثر من 20,000 عرض "اشترِ واحد واحصل على واحد مجانًا" على المطاعم المتميزة، والمطاعم الغير رسمية، والبرانشات والبوفيهات، والتوصيل، وأماكن التسلية والترفيه، والسبا، والصالونات، واللياقة البدنية والمزيد في دبي وأبو ظبي وقطر والمملكة العربية السعودية والبحرين وعمان والكويت.​ كل العروض سارية 7 أيام في الإسبوع حتى تستمتع بها وقتما تحب!

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  • جميع العروض صالحة حتى 30 ديسمبر 2024.
  • اشترِ الآن واحصل على عروضك اعتبارًا من اليوم.
  • يشمل الوصول إلى عروض اشتر ليلة واحصل على ليلة مجانًا في 150 فندق حول العالم
  • يمكنك مشاركة تطبيق إنترتينر الخاص بك مع ما يصل إلى 3 من الأصدقاء والعائلة.
  • يمكنك إرسال ما يصل إلى 20 عرضًا لأي شخص وتلقي عروض غير محدودة من الآخرين.
  • في المتوسط، وفّر أعضائنا أكثر من 3,425 د.إ. في آخر 12 شهرًا.

العروض المتاحة...

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة مجاني عند شراء عرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة مجاني عند شراء عرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

ندعوك للاستمتاع بعرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة مجاني عند شراء عرض تدليك بالماء الجاف لمدة 25 دقيقة بقيمة مساوية أو أكبر.

Basil AlEfranji
Basil AlEfranji (4 months ago )
Amazing Coffeeshop, Great view, nice coffee and bakery, the Barista's are amazing. The place deserves 10 out of 10 for the location, view, and the coffee. Note that you need to reserve before showing up. Parkings are available around the building and the view is 15 floors up in Khobar. I recommend the visit , it opens from 10 Am
Michelle Repuya
Michelle Repuya (3 months ago )
been a while since my last review and here’s a great comeback to start anew with… Next wellness spa is situated 15th flr of the new Hugayet Tower along Khobar. Aside from the modern & advanced gym/ amenities. A majestically established coffee lounge is also a gem in this place… Overlooking Khobar Corniche with fresh selection of coffee and pastries. This sure will be next big hit among locals and expatriates as well. Thanks to Sir Wil, Ebtissam and the kind staffs who welcomed me warmly. PS: My nanay’s coffee photo memory yesterday made me come here and would like to think she’ll be the happiest if given a chance to come and visit🤍
Ahmed Al-Subaie
Ahmed Al-Subaie (a week ago )
Excellent club with state of the art facilities. All machinery are well cleaned and spotless. The level of hygiene in all facilities is very high and are consistently cleaned. The team, staff & coaches are very attentive and kind, they adjust your workout session based on your current physique and if there are any chronic injuries, The coach will not only target to enhance your fitness and build body muscles, but also try to alleviate your injuries through exercises. All in all, I highly recommend it 👍🏼
John Rhyl Comendador
John Rhyl Comendador (6 months ago )
The drinks and the cake is good and tasty, the overall ambiance is very nice and it has a breathtaking view which you can see the nightlife of almost all areas of Al khobar especially the Corniche. the supervisor who's name is Willie is very accommodating and welcoming he gave us his excellent service and customer satisfaction. I really love to comeback and bring all of my friends with me soon🙂
Marie The beauty explorer
Marie The beauty explorer (6 months ago )
We went to the place around 2pm we enjoy the view super relaxing , but before you go you need a reservation because the shop is always full ,we ordered coffee late hot and frappe caffee, 5 star to the lady (Syrian) who assisted as and assisted us and explained everything from spa to gym and everything