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Namm Spa - Abu Dhabi

4.6 (based on 39 people)

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Namm is a Thai word that signifies water - the essential element of life that heals, both inside out and outside in. It is this concept of healing through water that inspired us to create our award-winning Namm Spa. Our well-trained therapists will ... More

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Available offers...

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary 90min Thai Massage when a 90min Thai Massage of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 650 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary 90min Signature Massage when a 90min Signature Massage of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 720 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary 90min Hot Stone Massage when a 90min Hot Stone Massage of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 720 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use
Katana Katana
Katana Katana (2 weeks ago )
I am very disappointed in the service and massage in general. It started from the wrong information about pricing, we asked massage for 2 people and receptionist said it will be 600. So total it was 1100 with the fazaa discount. Then we asked if we can choose the oil and receptionist said we will be asked later in the room, and it never happened. The lady who was doing massage for me didn’t ask the area to focus on. She spent 30 mins only doing shoulders until I started to feel pain the total time for massage was 90 mins and she was massaging shoulders all the time. I’ve been to Thai massage before many times in different places including Thailand and what I got here it was the worst. Never got my feet massaged as well, feeling angry and cheated! The price is high for what you are paying you don’t get a real Thai professional massage, can’t use even SPA sauna or steam room, they say it’s additional price! Not saying about the design that feels like a hospital, not even a small reminder of the atmosphere like you are in a Thai place, no incense, no Buddha statue or bust, no snacks. This place only focuses to rip you off! I will never be back!!!
Mohannad Biyrouti
Mohannad Biyrouti (a year ago )
Well.. Of the few places I give 5 stars this one deserves them for real... Super clean and calming atmosphere, super pro team I do highly recommend. Now for the massage it self, I have been to pro massages on Thailand, Japan, and other countries,,, this one competes easily... we took the hot oil massage and we were full of spasms... These guys fixed us up 😃 soraya and Joel are amazing... They gonna twist you as a sponge, stretch every mussel in your body and fix your told issues.. Some moves may hurt as your body is stretching yet it feels super afterwards... All in all, after few years of covid19 and no spas... This was a great relief, go there knowing that they gonna fix you up and enjoy it.
Ali AlNajjar
Ali AlNajjar (a year ago )
Best massage ever. I had a neck pain and the massager made sure that the muscle is released and the blood flows to the muscle properly. Big shout out to Mr. Joel for his professional work and massage skills. Deserves a visit!!
Maitha Salman
Maitha Salman (a year ago )
I usually like the offer that they provide for me it's good to get 1hr massage and 30 min scrub by 500 at 5* Hotel with good service and atmosphere. I also like the drink they provide before and after the treatment ♥️
Marie C.
Marie C. (3 years ago )
Joel is such an competent massage therapist that I already booked 3 massages with him. I suffer from chronic, constant back pain. I have been visiting chiropractors and physical therapists for 15+ years. Joel's 90min deep tissue massage is worth 10 chiropractor sessions: his combination of massage and stretches provided me lasting relief that chiropractor sessions never provided. Joel is in addition very professional, so he doesn't make me feel uncomfortable even if I am a female. I highly recommend him at the Namm Spa. He is the best therapist I have met here in the UAE or abroad.